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    Printing Opinions Wanted

    I do have access to a Costco membership, I will look into that! I just chose Shutterfly because I liked their printing and they let you stack coupons/deals, but their additional page price is crazy to me. 79 cents is very appealing, as is starting with 30 pages. I think I'd like to do a year-long book of trips (even though I'd have to wait to see it printed) and save separate, bigger scrapbooks for bigger adventures. But I've also wanted to try to do this project life challenge people are doing and I don't know if that would be too similar to a year-long book of trips. Oh the indecision. Thank you for your thoughts and thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hello all! I've made three digital scrapbooks so far, typically of big family trips. I like the 8.5x11 size and for the bigger trips I make as many pages as I need to hold my photos. For 2017, though, it looks like it will be more weekend getaways. I'm conflicted because my plan to do a scrapbook for each trip could give me 6 books, which even if I do 8x8 seems like a lot! I know printed digital books generally take up less space but I'm wondering about 6 hard covers versus 1. I'm considering making one big scrapbook of all the weekend trips but if I use just as many pages, with the cost of additional pages it's more expensive (I'm using Shutterfly). Not by a ton but enough that it's a con for me. I also think it might be more rewarding to get the books throughout the year instead of at the end of the year when all the trips are over. So... what would you do? Or what do you do, if you already have a system? Any advice is appreciated, I feel like I can't start on my last two trips until I figure out how I want to print them. And they're super fresh on my mind so I don't want to lose my motivation.