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  1. Okay...I got fourteen weekly prompts done before I crashed...figuratively not literally. I was giving up when thanks to barbaraJ I was reminded that I only need to do one for each month...so I'm back. Here is my number four monthly prompt...Natures Sweet Perfume... which is also my prompt for #21 in the weekly plan. I'll get this figured out somehow. Eight more required, right?
  2. Grandmadori


    Background, Finding Me, Designs by Helly; Flourish, Syndee Nuckles, Flea Market; note paper, Joyous by Shalea Tippets;
  3. Thanks Barbara...I think you're right...I'll catch up with the monthly challenges and fill in with the others when/if I can.
  4. I am crazy behind...I feel like I'm still stuck in March and can't move on. I only completed 13 of 52 layouts. Really don't know if I can catch up. I'll see how many I can manage to do, I really wanted to do this, but may have to raise the white flag. 😞 But 2020, I'm not done with you yet!
  5. Grandmadori

    Prompt 7

    Such a rough life he has!😄 Great use of this collection. I miss our kitties. This is a very fun page.
  6. Grandmadori

    Prompt 21

    This is fantastic! I love everything about it.
  7. Background is DRB Designs' Awakening; everything else is from Bohemian Rhapsody by Caroline Kaiser; tee shirt from Amazon
  8. This is an amazing photo! I love dragon flies, great use of your elements and I love the blend into the page.
  9. This is wonderful...I love nature photography, but don't seem to get much of it. We often have turtles that sun themselves on the lake across from our house...I never thought to take a picture of them, now I'll try. Great blend, and soft pretty touches.
  10. That is so cool...thank you not sharing photos of them feasting on the duck though. This is a great shot. I've only ever seen them in the zoo and love watching them there. Those are some teeth! I can see why this is a favorite, its an outstanding photo. Great layout, love your elements.
  11. So very pretty. Love the soft lavender background your photo blends into. The simple white silhouette in the corner is a perfect touch to set off these beautiful flowers.
  12. Oh what fun...spring is my favorite time of year when everything is coming back to life. We haven't had a killing frost yet here, but I know its just a matter of time. Enjoy your garden. I like all your little garden elements, and your out of bounds frames too.
  13. Grandmadori

    Prompt 24

    I think it should be punkin! Such a sweet photo. Love your paper and elements too. This is so pretty.
  14. Wow...this is just stunning. I love what I call "walking away" photos. This is breathtaking, the mountains and the little ones. The sketch treatment worked great with this. Nice autumnal cluster too. Beautiful.
  15. Now that is a great definition of cozy. This is a wonderful page...so beautiful, and adorable. Being the mom of daughters and grandmother of granddaughters I definitely agree with the quote. Lovely page.
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