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  1. Grandmadori

    Happy Easter

    What a pretty card, the traditional Easter lilies, and cute little bunny all came together to make a happy layout.
  2. Grandmadori

    Tuesday Challenge 4/16/19 Easter Bonnets

    This is so precious! The facial expressions say one thing to me, please take this picture, I'm tired of standing here. I too had forgotten the spring coats, but they were often part of that total Easter outfit. This is a wonderful layout, I Love the blend into the background, and it is a great photo.
  3. Grandmadori

    Newsletter16th April - Easter Memory

    I was gone all day yesterday, and by the time we got home last night (with the granddaughters) I was too tired to make comments. I love your photo, your journaling...a wonderful layout. I never heard of the tradition of preparing a hat for the Easter Bunny and I loved reading about it. We used to all be so "proper" for church, now even my 93 year old mother wears pants. Thanks so much for sharing.
  4. Grandmadori

    Easter Sunday

    I just finished posting my answer to this week's challenge, and I look up at the photos, and there's the same flower cluster I used! This is a beautiful layout and the photo is outstanding, I love pictures of flowers.
  5. Grandmadori

    Tuesday Challenge - April 16, 2019

    I have so many Easter Sunday pictures, ones of my girls, ones of my granddaughters, ones with all my sisters, but once upon a time there was just one sister, and my lovely Mom, and I decided to use that one for the challenge...although I may do some of the other ones I looked at as well. Here's my answer to this week's challenge. Easter Sunday, 1958
  6. Grandmadori


    Everything from "Easter Sunday" by Brandy Murray.
  7. Grandmadori

    Easter Time Fun

    This is a great photo, looks like she's running to find those eggs. Very pretty page. I have that kit in my shopping cart right now.
  8. Grandmadori

    A Wonderful Day

    Its so nice that you have such wonderful memories. I like your choice of papers and colors, the little locket adds a nice touch.
  9. Grandmadori

    She was not afraid

    This is so adorable, she doesn't seem to mind the giant bunny at all! Fun page, lots of happy elements that come together beautifully.
  10. Grandmadori

    Apr 16 NL Challenge - Easter

    This is so pretty. Happy Easter to you as well!
  11. Grandmadori

    April 2 - book

    A very pretty page honoring your faith. Such a beautiful paper, and cluster.
  12. Grandmadori

    Book Your Tickets

    Looks like you've taken care of that for me, thanks. Wish I could really just take off and go, but a virtual tour is better than none at all, right?
  13. Grandmadori


    Oh she is so cute! Are those cowgirl boots with the lace dress? Too sweet. Very pretty page, yet doesn't outshine that adorable joyful face.
  14. Grandmadori

    Spring at Last

    This great, five photos, and it doesn't look crowded at all. Beautiful page, and cute boys too.
  15. Grandmadori

    Apr 13 WW Challenge - Spring

    That is a great photo! I love how the oranges are piled high in the truck. You even found an orange drink element to go with it along with your orange slices. Now when I see your name, I'll think "orange country". Pretty layout.