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  1. Grandmadori

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2020-03-10

    Wow...when I saw this I thought, easy...I love music...all types of music; and, I love to sing...my husband says he lives in a musical. But I am having a terrible time deciding where to start.
  2. Grandmadori

    Weekend Magazine Challenge

    So pretty...I loved reading how you put it all together. Its a magazine I'd pick up. Of course I would also pick up that cup of hot chocolate with that huge marshmallow too! 😊
  3. Grandmadori

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    Moving slowly again this month...here's my number two for the month from this week's Weekend Wildcard a mock magazine cover. Dance Magazine
  4. Grandmadori

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-7

    Oh I did love this one! Here's my mock cover, featuring our lovely Lana. Dance Magazine
  5. Grandmadori


    Background, pencil, and papers from Brandy Murry's From the Desk Of; Nutcracker and Angel ornaments from Ginny Whitcomb's Tis the Season
  6. Grandmadori

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-7

    What a fun challenge...I'll look through my photos...put on my thinking cap, and be back.
  7. Grandmadori

    tower of london-typography

    I think you've got that '60's feel. Like the moody mysterious treatment you gave the photo.
  8. Grandmadori

    Weekend Challenge 2/29/2020: Leap Day 2016

    I so enjoyed reading your journaling, and looking at your blended photos. This is an amazing layout in so many ways, a true window into your year. You're right, "somehow, love always prevails..." When my dearest friend was dying two years ago, I saw the most beautiful hearts in tree knots. Never stop looking for the love.
  9. Grandmadori

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    Here's my first layout for the month, I did the three photo challenge from the monthly challenges. Memories of Dad
  10. Grandmadori

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    Yes April, please add my name. I took it down to the wire this past month, hopefully I'll have more free time this month...and an extra couple days won't hurt either.
  11. Grandmadori

    March 2020 Monthly Challenges

    First challenge done, three photos, and only three photos. (I hope that meant that we could use other elements and journaling, if not let me know!) Memories of Dad
  12. Grandmadori


    The newsprint frame is from PSE20, everything else is from Ginny Whitcomb's Fall Farmhouse.
  13. Grandmadori

    Little Billy 1968: Leap Year weekend challenge

    I love this. The clarity of the snapshot is amazing. I love the date on it too. Beautiful young family.
  14. Grandmadori

    Preserve Memories

    This is hauntingly beautiful.
  15. Grandmadori


    Oh this is so sweet. Love the gentle look of these colors with the vintage photo.