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  1. Grandmadori

    May Challenge Chase

    I tried to beat the clock, but the clock won...or should I say calendar. Either way, I love doing this and will be back for June, hopefully with more success.
  2. Grandmadori

    June Challenge Chase

    I tried to catch up yesterday...just couldn't do it. BUT, today is a new day, a new month, a new determination. Yes, I will have my granddaughters for two weeks, but hey...more pictures to scrap, right? Please add my name.
  3. Grandmadori

    May Challenge Chase

    So here's number four! From this week's Tuesday Newsletter challenge. Daddy, Jill & Me
  4. Grandmadori

    Tuesday Challenge - May 28 2019

    We lost our Dad nearly two years ago at age 92. Although he wasn't himself near the end, he was a strong, active and proud WWII Navy Vet. Here's a favorite picture of him and at the time his only two daughters...he would have two more girls in the years to come. Daddy, Jill & Me
  5. Grandmadori


    Paper, the beautiful frame cluster, title, paint...all from Syndee Rogers' Just Peachy
  6. Grandmadori

    May Challenge Chase

    Slow and unsteady seems to be my motto this month. Here's my third layout for the month...don't know if I'll get more in before tonight or not. Happy Place
  7. Grandmadori


    Background and all elements from Angie Briggs Just BU and Wonderful You
  8. Grandmadori

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    No...I didn't fall overboard a couple weeks ago, I had to take a helicopter home to help out with my granddaughter. I knew May would be a busy month for me, but thought I'd be able to devote some time to this, and I had really looked forward to doing it. Just didn't work out this year. Hope to buy a ticket for next year's trip. Wishing you all a wonderful last night, and a safe docking.
  9. Grandmadori

    May Challenge Chase

    Got my second one done for the month, the Weekly Newsletter challenge. Mom as Bride
  10. Grandmadori

    Tuesday Challenge 5/7

    I have lots of pictures of my mom being a mom, but I love this bridal portrait. Mom as Bride
  11. Grandmadori


    The Beauty tag is from Shalee Tippetts' Promises; Everything else is from Syndee Nuckles' Momento
  12. Grandmadori

    Beauty & Grace of a Mother

    This is beautiful! I love how you did this. Beautiful tribute to her.
  13. Grandmadori


    I've seen people do this on TV and have seen a few finished results, but it amazes me. Great layout, love your icy blues. Its kind of like sand castles I guess, art that's meant to be enjoyed in the moment, but not forever.
  14. Grandmadori

    World-Tour 2019 Lo2

    Beautiful, and very clever use of your photo, great blending. Where was this taken? I've seen a glacier "up close" while in Alaska, but never had the opportunity to walk on one. I have friends who did while on an Alaskan cruise. Must be a thrilling experience.
  15. Grandmadori

    Cowboy and Frontier Girl

    I love how you're scrapping photos from your family when they were growing up! I'm having trouble just keeping up with my back-logged grandkid pictures! You are definitely giving me inspiration to dig into my old boxes and albums and start putting together my family's growing years. Beautifully done, I love your journaling, such great story telling.