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  1. Looks like your weather is a lot better than ours...not supposed to get above 60 again today. I am so ready to feel hot sand under my toes. (While wearing a mask...it will be a strange summer.) Cute kit. I love her work, I'm off to find this one.
  2. Grandmadori

    Quarantine Project

    What a wonderful surprise for you! I love that she found a project they could all work on and with great results. Outstanding page.
  3. I'm glad you have these photos, I'm sure they mean a lot to you. As a grandma myself, I know she must have been so happy to hold these beautiful baby girls. I'm sorry she's not there with you. Your journaling says so much. A lovely remembrance page.
  4. What a wonderful story. How beautiful that you have that memory. Thank you for sharing it with us. I like your photo as the background too.
  5. I thought I would be more active than I've been this month. I'll blame it on the cool weather and social distancing. I can't believe its May 20th already!! Here's my number three, its yesterday's newsletter challenge, outdoor activity. Beach Sand
  6. We got our new garden bird bath yesterday, and went down to the ocean to get some sand to fill the base. The ocean was really angry, but I didn't get many pictures. Beach Sand
  7. Background is from AFT Designs Eucalyptus; the frame, tag, tie and journal square (resized paper) are from Bohemian Bliss by Veronica Spriggs; the shells, paper edge and compass are from Syndee Nuckles' By the Sea; the sand and water splash are from my stash.
  8. I love these old pictures. That is so cool, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a nurse. I didn't. I admire them so much, its nothing I could do, and to have that calling is amazing. You must be very proud of your mom. Great use of this jiffy page.
  9. I love that you do this! What a great page, this is terrific, you may get some strange looks, but I bet a lot of smiles too.
  10. Number two, the May challenge for the center square. Aurora and Me
  11. Here is my layout for the center square challenge. Aurora and Me I did "cheat" just a little bit and added the scatter of hearts behind my square. It just needed it.
  12. Everything in this layout is from ML Designs' Natural Beauty.
  13. Could I have this Dance, Anne Murray
  14. My daughter's family's favorite local garden is Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. They too are closed right now, all those beautiful tulips growing in isolation. This is beautiful...makes me long to visit a garden though. Next year.
  15. Oh this is beautiful, and such a perfect quote! Must save that quote. I love hydrangeas.
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