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  1. Aaahhh Angie, you're still just as sweet as ever! I was happy to see that you were still around. I'm not sure if you remember me, this place is pretty hopping! April combined my old & new accounts for me. I giggled when I read a post I made of how awesome you were for helping me when my computer crashed. I'm sure you don't remember, but I had ALOT! LOL Can't wait to catch up after all these years! Helen
  2. Our 5th grandson was born yesterdat!!! Goodness is he a moose! 9 lbs 10 0z & 21 1/2 unches long. No wonder my daughter was miserable!

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      Congratulations one and all!

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  3. ​That would be great! Thank you!
  4. Boy things sure are different after all these years! LOL I wonder if there's a place where I can re-learn how to get around on here. I remember there being a place where there were "freebies". It was anything from a template, words, an embelishment, etc. Appreciate any help! I feel like a lost child! Ha ha ha

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      Welcome back. Good to see you again.

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      Thank you ladies!

  5. ​ Good evening everyone! ​My name is Helen. I actually was a scrap girl member years ago, I believe back in 2007! I have twin boys, (now 23) & 3 stepdaughters ages 26,29 & 34. I am blessed with almost 6 grandchildren. I say almost because our 6th is due in less than 2 weeks!!!! My husband & I have been married going on 19 years, together for 21. About 6 months ago, we downsized into a much smaller home since the kids are now all grown & moved out. I found all my scrap girls cd's I had made myself or made by the site. I was happy to see I still had them & told my hubby I need to start back up again sometime. Over the weekend, I was working on finding photos for my mother in law's 70th surprise party. I found a memory stick & found all kinds of digital layouts I had made of the kids. It made me wonder if scrap girls was even still running! I was very, very happy to see you are! I recognize Angie Briggs for sure! I don't have the same email that I had back then, so I couldn't get my password sent to me. So I just made a new account. super excited to get back into this! I'll have to re learn everything since it's been years or so. ​xoxoxo ​Helen ​P.S. My username now is what my 3 year old grandson calls me "Mommo"