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  1. Anjolina4

    Armygrl Here :-)

    Welcome to the community mate. Enjoy your stay here.
  2. Anjolina4

    Hi from NYC

    Welcome to the big community.
  3. Anjolina4

    Hi from NYC

    Nice to have a chat with you here. Welcome buddy.
  4. Anjolina4

    Not a newbie

    Welcome to the community.
  5. Anjolina4

    Introduction post!

    Welcome to the community. Great place to learn.
  6. Chatwing is a great chat room software for group chat if you want to install live chat on your website. I've used chatwing on my website for 2 years, its awesome. I have not used they're chat app builder yet but am considering launching an app too.
  7. Anjolina4

    Newbie to this site

    You have come to the right place. Feel free to ask any question you would like to know. Welcome!
  8. Anjolina4

    Photoshop Cs6 Extended Version 3D Grayed Out

    I know about Photoshop S6 but not interested to use 3D on it. But I am interested to see the tutorial. If you have the link please share.
  9. Anjolina4

    Internet Security!

    Hello mate, I am new into this community. And also newbie to computer as well. Recently I have bought a new Laptop (ASUS). Now I would like to use Anti Virus for it. Which one should I buy? Please let me know. Thanks!
  10. Anjolina4

    Hello Everyone

    Nice to see you here. Enjoy!
  11. Anjolina4

    Flip-Pal Scanner

    I don't have better experience using Flip Pal Scanner. But I am interested and would like to use.
  12. Anjolina4

    Hi from the UK!

    You have come to a big community. Enjoy your stay here. lol
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    HI all

    Hey dear, nice to have a chat with you. Where you from?
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    Hello community!

    I am much more glad to get your reply behind my post.
  15. Anjolina4

    Hello community!

    Hello guys, Greetings! Hope everyone here doing great so far. I am new member into this community. I would like to introduce myself with you guys. I am a simple guy. I love to travel onto various places. And also love to drive different cars. Thanks for your time!