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  1. I'm with you Angie, I've been sitting on the fence with CC for awhile. nI've put it out there on Fb as I have a number of photographer friends who have either jumped on the CC wagon or's a 50/50...some love it while others have hated the move. So I'm still sitting on the fence!
  2. Wow Katherine this is absolutely gorgeous and thanks so much ♥
  3. I understand and appreciate everyone's thoughts, I am slightly the other way and a huge FB advocate but for various reasons and have been on FB ever since it landed in Australia. If a group was set up right it can be another avenue of promotion for the store...not a place of negativity but one of positivity...too many groups are just that and it becomes a bundle of mess usually because those that start it end up leaving as admin or moderators and let those that are less passionate or don't care to take over. It doesn't bother me either way it was purely just something I wanted to know as I am part of several groups on there and wasn't sure whether we had one or not. I also love active forums and SG has a great one, once again I'm on a couple of them that are sadly dead and it affects the sites overall positive feel to it and everything that once was no longer is Thanks for your thoughts on the subject though ladies, it's always good to see what others think.
  4. Congratulations ladies
  5. Thanks heaps Susie, whereabouts in Victoria?
  6. such gorgeous new goodies and yay on another new designer....welcome welcome welcome ♥
  7. Hey guys and gals, I have no idea if there is a thread on this already but: do we have a fb presence as in a group/s? and if not why not and should we? and if so link me up!
  8. I change mine all the time other wise my home screen gets restless just like her and i love themes which gives me more for less if that makes sense so my latest is, they are just gorgeous
  9. thanks heaps
  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely warm welcome ♥
  11. we do Isabelle and look forward to the adventure on the way
  12. WTG angie, even though I've already congratulated you elsewhere, congrats again on being Scrap Girls new owner. I know you're still settling in but what a fantastic role to take on even though you're probably running around like headless chook
  13. Thanks guys and gals. I am so excited to be a designer for Scrap Girls and although there is only a handful of goodies, there are plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks
  14. Welcome Isabelle, i'm new here too but we're also friends on FB which is nice
  15. I am loving all those gorgeous goodies.