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  1. gotta love new goodies and a new designer....awesome
  2. loving the sneak peek and can't wait to see our new designers goodies
  3. welcome to scrap girls dagi, it's great to see you here. make yourself comfortable and enjoy being part of the community
  4. As always gorgeous new products this week. WTG designers, love love love ♥
  5. Congrats to all of you having fun hunting and found them all
  6. What incredible prizes. Good luck everyone!
  7. Like every week, awesome new products
  8. Woohoo, I can't wait and am super super excited. From what I have seen of all the yummy goodness from all the designers who have participated...this collab is going to rock and for it to have over 70! Florabella is awesome and totally love everything the site offers. Long time admirer for sure! Here's to Scrap Girls 13th anniversary and may it be the best....until next year of course ♥
  9. Welcome to Scrap Girls Gabe, it's great to have you here. Shout out if you need anything
  10. Thanks Andrea
  11. awesome designs designers, i love coming into this part of the forum and checking out every one's goodies for the week. Feels like Christmas i have some new goodies as well this week as well and of course as you guys have probably worked out by now, I am quite an eclectic designer and absolutely love, love, love the worn and torn look. Anyhoo this is my lot for the week
  12. Welcome Coco, great to have you onboard with us and look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery
  13. Gotta love new goodies. These are mine for this week. Our school year is very different to the US system so no back to school goodies from me. I just love creating and just start and keep and I'm very much a non themed type of designer and scrapper as well. Apart from the paper packs which are personal use the rest are commercial use.
  14. Whenever I had this issue I would reset the preferences and voila....everything is working as it should. Did you get a chance to sort it out
  15. always love the feedback you guys give us designers...keeps the mojo going and one of the reasons I'm addicted to designing. thanks ladies ♥