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  1. Graphia Bella

    Sneak Peek 08/10

    Thanks alsoarty ! xxx
  2. Graphia Bella

    Sneak Peek 08/10

    Thank you Marie-Christine ! You're so sweet !
  3. Graphia Bella


    Thank you so much !
  4. Graphia Bella

    Sneak Peek 08/10

    Here is my sneak peak for this week:
  5. So many beautiful things like always !!!!
  6. Graphia Bella


    Welcome to Scrap Girls !
  7. Graphia Bella

    Hi from Germany!

    Welcome here !
  8. Graphia Bella

    Hello from Maine:)

    Welcome to Scrap Girls Charly !!!!
  9. Graphia Bella


  10. Graphia Bella


    Hello Tami... I love your designs ! Nice to see you here...