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  1. I would say the kind of scrap... The French scrap is more axed on true elements, more 3D layouts, scenic and big arrangements of elements. For example (one page of mine): And English scrap is more axed on 2D, style life 365, papers elements and drawing, artsy style. The second page is an example for me (also with a page of mine): Do you notice the difference ? It's a question between real life looking and real paper scrapbooking looking. One style looks more real and the other looks more crafting style. So, everyone has it's own style and it's what it makes digital scrapbooking wonderful and a so colorful world !!!! Personaly, I try everything because I love to learn and try new things. But some scrappers prefer to stay on the same kind because they like it and they are really good on this particular style. So, depending on wich kind or style of scrap you make, you don't shop the same way ! It's why I asked this question and make the relation with kind of scrap. Someone who love Artsy style will prefer to buy different packs and mixed them. Someone who makes layouts on a specific palette will prefer to buy a collection to be sure all are matching ! Do you understant my reasonning ? I don't want to loose my own style, but I can try to pack my stough in store to meet the needs of a larger number of you.
  2. Nice ! Thank you so much ladies for all your answers ! It makes things easier for me to guide me while I'm creating. The French and English world of scrap is so different, sometimes it's difficult to choose de guideline for a collection. I'm taking notes and I will try to keep it in mind....
  3. Ha ha ha I love colors too ! Sometimes, when I'm working on this kind of collection, I wonder myselft if it's not to much brighful, but I can't resist.... Colors is life ! It's strange because I love to create this kind of collection, but my other favorite one are dark collection, style grunge, gothic... I think that I'm like a Mini Weat.... I have two sides !!!!!! I'm so happy you like it ! Have fun !!!! I'm impatient to see your work with it ! xxx
  4. If you need a touch of magic, here is my new collection: Have a nice week-end girls !!!! Graphia Bella
  5. Hi ladies !!!! As a designer, it's sometimes though to choose between many possibilities and I would like to hear you about the manner we packed her stough for store. Some of you prefer seperated packs (papers, elements, patterns, solids, etc.), but some of you prefer to buy the collection with all included on one. I try to offer both and I mention it on my products descriptions (for example: If you have already bought the collection, don't buy this pack because it's already included on it). And all included on the collection one is describe on the description of the products (I always make the collection with all in one inside). Now I want to know, what each of you prefer.... All the collection in one pack (value pack, collection biggie) or all separated on different packs (papers, patterns, wordarts, elements, etc.). In the hope to answer the need for largest number of you !
  6. I'm really fascinated by all touch magic ! Here is my layout made with my last collection MAGICAL FALL STORY. For this one, I wanted to let you travel on a magical forest in autumn. Picture from Pixabay The collection is available here:
  7. Wonderful layout !
  8. Thank you Marie-Christine ! Xxx
  9. This week, I propose you a really special mini collection.... I have a crush for calligraphy and chinese traditions, so I explored this theme for fun. Here is what is waiting for you this week:
  10. Ey welcome here Coco ! Nice to see you here !
  11. My layout made with my new collection BEE MINE. Picture from Pixabay. Available here:
  12. Oh SodScrap you have bees ? I'm allergic to bees but I love honey miam !
  13. Thank youladies ! Yes alsoartsy I heard about that story too. My teens have one but the fun is gone now. 😂😂😂
  14. Hi ladies ! Another beautiful tease this week ! I don't know for you, but here in Québec, the temperature go down and down a little bit everyday.... Even the leaves start to take colors. So to give you smile, here is a sneak peek of my new collection this week... Autumn, love, colorful, bee and honey !
  15. Oh Angie surprise ha ha ha !!!!!!