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  1. Oh yes ! Sweet colors !
  2. Love your style... How you're playing with pictures, blending modes, colors.... Congratulations, you have a good eyesight !!!!!
  3. Thank you jenrou ! xxx
  4. Oh thank you so much girls ! Happy to see that my work talk to you. Armygirl, yes it's not a style for all, but I love all steampunk, grunge and army stuff. I promise I'll make another products on this style ! xxx
  5. Thank you Forida granny ! Happy you like this mix... I love to make different mixes of themes on a single product. xxx
  6. Wow thank you so much for this beautiful comment ! It touches me right on my heart ! xxx
  7. Thanks Veronica ! I have a wonderful project and I'm so excited about it ! So I want to share my good feelings through my art ! xxx
  8. Oh yes it smells summer on the store !!!!!!
  9. I've made this page with my new collection FELINE. With this page, I wanted to show the strength and courage that anime myself these times. I feel good, I have wonderful projects and hope this nice feeling to every woman on the planet ! You can find my new collection here: Graphia Bella store
  10. Thanks for posting ! It's all a work !
  11. Welcome back to the wonderful world of scap Daisy !
  12. I've created this page with my collection ALL FOR LOVE. Picture from Pixabay My collection is available here:
  13. Oups sorry Marie-Christine, I didn't see your comment. Thank you so much !
  14. Thank you SodScrap ! I always put birds, butterflies and flowers on my kits. If I don't, I have the impression that the kit is not complete.
  15. Do you need some light girls ? Here is the closer of my Collection for this week. With the crazy temperature here, i need a lot of light so I've created it ha ha ha !!!!