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  1. Thanks Angie ! I don't work often with blue. But it was really cool to explore these shades of color.
  2. Amazing blending work !!!! Love it so much.
  3. A new collection for tomorrow, see what is coming !
  4. Can't stop laughing !!!!!!!!
  5. It's a good point elibar. This happened often to me in the past... Now I always check that at first before searching for hours ha ha ha !!!!
  6. You're welcome !
  7. Congratulations ladies ! Your layouts are so nice !!!!
  8. It's really interesting to read your comments. I had stopped to make solids because on the French world of scrap, it doesn't sell, rarely use. But if you like it as much, I will make it again ! For my style, I rarely use solids and patterns... Sometimes but really rarely. I love mixed papers, grunge or blended with elements and script brushes.
  9. Good occasion to learn something new ladies ! I love to learn more and more, learn, learn, learn ha ha ha !!!!! It's the magical part of digital scrapbooking, possibilities are infinites ! It will always has something new to learn. Have fun with the futur tutorial girls !
  10. Gorgeous !!!!!
  11. Fantastic layout !!!!!
  12. So soft and sweet, I love it !!!!!
  13. Amazing layout !!!! I don't find any word to describe what I see.... Just in admiration for this perfect layout !
  14. I'll never be bored to see this wonderful page hunnie ! It's just brightful, emotional and harminious ! Thank you so much for this layout !
  15. Love these colors ! Your layout is really soft, relaxing and all in harmony. Really good work !