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  1. Thanks for posting ! It's all a work !
  2. Welcome back to the wonderful world of scap Daisy !
  3. I've created this page with my collection ALL FOR LOVE. Picture from Pixabay My collection is available here:
  4. Oups sorry Marie-Christine, I didn't see your comment. Thank you so much !
  5. Thank you SodScrap ! I always put birds, butterflies and flowers on my kits. If I don't, I have the impression that the kit is not complete.
  6. Do you need some light girls ? Here is the closer of my Collection for this week. With the crazy temperature here, i need a lot of light so I've created it ha ha ha !!!!
  7. Another time, beautiful work ladies ! Congratulations !
  8. Welcome here and have fun !
  9. Welcome here !
  10. Welcome to Scrap Girls Diane !
  11. Hello Kim... Welcome to Scrap Girls !
  12. Yes MariJ it's awful... I've never seen a winter like this for a long time ago.... The wind is blowing non stop, one day it's super hot and the day after it's completely freezing.... Everybody is sick. Yesterday again the schools were closed because the snow.
  13. Happy to see that the temparature isn't crazy just on my corner ! My God... Last week, - 40, yesterday rain and today a lot of snow again.... It's crazy... Many accidents. I live beside the hospital and last night, the only thing I've heard is ambulance after ambulance entering the hospital.
  14. Page made with my kit A COLD JANUARY MORNING January is a really cold month.... What a fun to take the breakfast in pijama and look through the window and see the wonderful winter landscape !!!! You can grab it here: A cold January morning by Graphia Bella I wish you all a nice winter time !!!! Graphia Bella
  15. Welcome to Scrap Girls family !!!