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  1. Credits: Find Your Inner Sparkle by On A Whimsical Adventure
  2. My puppy ❤️ Credits: Be My Valentine from On a Whimsical Adventure (plus one of Anja's templates, modified a bit)
  3. aussiekat69


    Some recent pictures of my two great nieces - not sure that the toddler is fully on board with the photo, but I'll take what I can get! LOL Credits: Home Sweet Home from On a Whimsical Adventure
  4. aussiekat69

    Autumn Snapshot

    I love the Fall season - best time of the year to get outdoors with my camera! These little acorns and shells are great to practice photography with ... but man, oh man, do they hurt when you walk on them! Credits: Autumn Breeze by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  5. aussiekat69


    OMG, that face. A pitty?
  6. Just a couple of the gorgeous flowers at a botanical garden - so pretty. Credits: The Sweet Smell of Summmer
  7. aussiekat69


    My great-nephew and great-nieces -- traveling to see them next month (after 18 months between visits!) -- can't wait! Credits: An Eclectic Mess collection from GeekGirl Designs.
  8. Taking some time to scrap some photos that I took a few weekends ago at a butterfly exhibit. Credits: Whimsical Masks Vol. 1, plus pieces from All Things Grow with Love, and My One True Love -- all from On A Whimsical Adventure
  9. Can't believe DH was this little! He still loves a picnic, too - even at 23 y.o.! Credits: A Sweet Eggscape by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  10. aussiekat69

    The Key

    The key to my heart <3 Credit: Aged and Grey by Geekgirl Designs.
  11. aussiekat69

    Sun Soaker

    Just a hint of sun is all it takes for my dog to be outside. Credits: All Things Grow With Love by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  12. aussiekat69

    My Girl

    *sigh* My girl - my shadow. Credits: My One True Love from On A Whimsical Adventure.
  13. aussiekat69


    Catching up on scrapping some photo of my Dad. Credits: Midnight Blues by GeekGirl Designs (ivy from one of Christine's earlier kits); Whimsical Templates Vol. 2 by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  14. Here's a page with a coming-soon (Jan. 19) release from Geekgirl Designs, and a template from On A Whimsical Adventure -- Miss Personality
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