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  1. aussiekat69

    Smells of Summer

    Just a couple of the gorgeous flowers at a botanical garden - so pretty. Credits: The Sweet Smell of Summmer
  2. aussiekat69


    My great-nephew and great-nieces -- traveling to see them next month (after 18 months between visits!) -- can't wait! Credits: An Eclectic Mess collection from GeekGirl Designs.
  3. aussiekat69

    Spring Renewal

    Taking some time to scrap some photos that I took a few weekends ago at a butterfly exhibit. Credits: Whimsical Masks Vol. 1, plus pieces from All Things Grow with Love, and My One True Love -- all from On A Whimsical Adventure
  4. aussiekat69

    Eggscape Picnic

    Can't believe DH was this little! He still loves a picnic, too - even at 23 y.o.! Credits: A Sweet Eggscape by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  5. aussiekat69

    Tuesday NL Challenge 3/20/18 : Flowers

    Here's mine - The Key
  6. aussiekat69

    The Key

    The key to my heart <3 Credit: Aged and Grey by Geekgirl Designs.
  7. aussiekat69

    Sun Soaker

    Just a hint of sun is all it takes for my dog to be outside. Credits: All Things Grow With Love by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  8. aussiekat69

    My Girl

    *sigh* My girl - my shadow. Credits: My One True Love from On A Whimsical Adventure.
  9. aussiekat69


    Catching up on scrapping some photo of my Dad. Credits: Midnight Blues by GeekGirl Designs (ivy from one of Christine's earlier kits); Whimsical Templates Vol. 2 by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  10. aussiekat69

    Tuesday 9th January Challenge

    Here's a page with a coming-soon (Jan. 19) release from Geekgirl Designs, and a template from On A Whimsical Adventure -- Miss Personality
  11. aussiekat69

    Miss Personality

    For the 01/09 challenge - a template and multiple photos (I'm usually a one-photo-scrapper, so this was a challenge!). Credits: *** Coming Soon *** Shabby ExsquizArt from GeekGirl Designs; Whimsical Template Vol. 2 from On a Whimsical Adventure.
  12. aussiekat69

    [My] Heart

    I was super-happy that my niece asked me to take holiday pictures of her family - this one of her with her 10 month old is one of my faves. Credits: A Pink Winter's Tale from Geekgirl Designs; Whimsical Templates Vol. 2 by On A Whimsical Adventure.
  13. aussiekat69

    Chinese Gardens

    A hidden gem in the middle of the city in Sydney, Australia - Chinese Gardens. Credits: Tattered Blooms by GeekGirl Designs; ScrapSimple Blended Over by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin.
  14. aussiekat69


    My great-niece. Credits: A Tad Torn by Geekgirl Designs.