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  1. Armygrl


    I love seeing this one is the galleries...pure digital art!
  2. Armygrl


    I love the cant to the photo...adds such visual interests. And great use of a dark background.
  3. Your style is awesome...you do beautiful work.
  4. Armygrl

    When 2 Become 1

    These colors pop from the gallery. So beautiful.
  5. Armygrl


    As a huge lover of mushrooms I just had come leave a "lovie" on your layout.
  6. Armygrl


    Oh wow! I love the mythical world you created here.
  7. Lovely photos....and such great ways to slow down.
  8. What a great capture of the baby blackbird. And I love your page's design.
  9. Armygrl

    It's the Little Things

    What a cutie! My heart is melting!
  10. Armygrl


    Oh yeah! I love hot chocolate. Great tribute page to a delightful drink.
  11. Armygrl

    Seaside Play

    The colors in this pop from the gallery.
  12. Armygrl

    Atelier Couture

    I admire your use of soft shadows...makes it look like I can reach in an grab an element out.
  13. I like the flow in this one...and all the pumpkins (I love pumpkins).
  14. Armygrl


    Beautiful page...the colors, the photo, the large flowers, the gratitude sentiment...yep, beautiful!
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