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  1. oh, this looks great!!
  2. dagi


    hello and welcome to Scrap Girls, Karen!
  3. dagi


    hello Tami! big welcome to the team
  4. dagi

    If you like Stephen King, you'll love...

    Stephen King is my most favorite author! We have almost all of his books :). Thanks for the recommendation, will check Nick Cutter out!
  5. Thank you Carol, I am glad you like it! And I can't wait to see your layout
  6. Hello there everyone :). Recently, I've decided to move my blog and, I am also starting a brand new newsletter! Be sure to sign up HERE, stay up to date with me and also, grab your free template! Exclusive to the NL subscribers .
  7. dagi


    Welcome here Kim!
  8. dagi

    Hi all!

    Welcome Daisy! Nice to meet you
  9. dagi

    Hi from NY

    hello Jenn! welcome to ScrapGirls
  10. dagi


    Hello and welcome to ScrapGirls! we are happy to have you with us
  11. Happy 2018 y'all!! :wub:

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    2. QuirkyGirl


      Happy HAPPY New Year sweet friend!!! Much love to you and your family!!! xoxo

    3. A-M


      Hope you have a successful year with selling your designs and a year full of good memories with your family and friends. 

    4. MariJ


      Happy New Year to you.

  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful time with your families ♥.:christmas:

    1. Dady


      Thank you Dagi, Merry Christmas to you all :santa:

    2. Boatlady


      Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2018

    3. MariJ


      Merry Christmas!

  13. dagi

    Pick a Gift!!! Round 1

    good luck everyone! what a fun game
  14. dagi

    Hi from Washington State in the USA

    hello Diane! welcome to Scrap Girls