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  1. Irving, TX
  2. Office Clerk
  3. Recork Next word starts with K
  4. I have played in the snow (it is fun for about 30 minutes and then I am ready to get warm), I have not played in the desert.
  5. Joy

    I can see the joy on her face!!!
  6. oh that made me laugh out loud!!!!!
  7. That is so so funny!!!!!
  8. I totally understand this concept, I have to watch that I don't buy more for me over the holiday season.
  9. too funny, a friend tried a dog fence around her tree, but the cat just jumped it
  10. very funny, it reminds me of my dogs
  11. That is too too funny!!!
  12. I used this meme for my layout Dear Santa
  13. Kit used is Rustic Christmas Value Pack by Brandy Murry
  14. So many of our traditions have fallen by the wayside as the kids have turned to adults, but we still have one that gets lots of laughs. Socks
  15. Kit used was December Memories Value Pack by Ginny Whitcomb.