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  1. Such fun reading all of the different posts!! Sharing my December 4th...
  2. I so LOVE seeing everyone's take on the daily photo prompts! Sharing my December 3rd...
  3. WOW GORGEOUS and Starry Night by van Gogh it is!!
  4. Now that is a GREAT ornament!
  5. This is GREAT!! Your list made me smile!!
  6. What a wonderful memory!!!
  7. Ohhh I LOVE this movie!! I had forgotten all about it until I saw your post! Thanks for the reminder... I will be giving it a watch!!
  8. So enjoying reading everyone's posts!! Sharing my December 2nd...
  9. Now how FUN is this!! I've never heard of doing this before!! How exactly does it work? Taking photos of different pens at different locations, the same pen in different locations??
  10. How clever is this!! And, love your movie selection!
  11. This is AWESOME!!! LOVE!!!
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