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  1. Thank you so much for the video, however I still cannot make another account,it takes me right back to my gmail account. I only use that for email offers and junk stuff.I dont want the videos to go there. Anyway, I guess I cant do this, but thanks so much for all your help.
  2. Thunderbird is from Mozilla. I use Firefox as my browser and Thunderbird as my email. Thanks for your answer. I have not been able to get past Google since I do have an online account in gmail
  3. Can someone tell me how to subscribe to scrap girls videos? I have a g mail account and when I try to subscribe, that account is used. I want the videos to go to my thunderbird account. I don't see an option for that. Is there a way to do this? I have windows 10 and mozilla firefox, and thunderbird for my regular email
  4. Thank you for your answers. I sorta figured that was the way it was, but thanks for clearing it up for me. I have a lot of quick pages, I just dont use them,altho I never thought of using masks to cover up some areas.Might try that in the future.
  5. Not sure if this can even be done, but here goes. Can a quick page be turned into a PSD file or TIF file? I have PSE 7 and 14. I like the idea of quick pages, but cant really do anything with them. Enlarge,change placement etc. So I never use them. Any ideas?
  6. Thank you for the help. I have checked that and hopes it works. I have a lot to learn and am glad there are tutorials there to help.I will look for them
  7. I have recently upgraded to PSE 14 from PSE 7. I use windows 10. Every time I open 14, I get the "new update is available". I have let it update a few times, but it still appears. How do I stop that? Also hoping there is a tutorial for pse 14.It is very different from pse 7
  8. Thanks to all for the ideas. None worked for me. I did not think about it being something windows does. Really don't like the way windows 10 takes over changing things for me. The only way I can get the black gone is to copy and change the name and save.
  9. So many elements now have a black background,and some are hard to see what they really are. Is there any way to delete the background and have it white again? I know this is a petty thing,or can someone tell me why they have suddenly began appearing as black?
  10. Thanks Jennnifer,I'm sure this will be easy as soon as I get used to it.. I guess I'll find other things that do not work in 10 also.Thanks again for the info.
  11. Don't really know where to put this,so if wrong, please forgive. I updated windows 8 to windows 10 just yesterday and now I have lost the small download of "move to-copy to". It is great for easily moving items or folders from one place to another.Just highlight and then right click and select move-or copy to, and select the folder or place to put them I hope someone here knows of this download. Anyway, it no longer works on windows 10. Can you help me figure out a way to use it . Thanks
  12. Well I tried that but I do not get drop shadows. When I click on the llayer styles button nothing opens. There should be styles in there, but I get nothing. I guess I'll uninstall and re-install
  13. Where is the fix all button?
  14. In pse 7 for some reason the layer styles will not open. I click on the little square and get nothing. Where did they all go and how do I get them back? I have windows 7