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    they do! it's crazy!! Thanks @Ngaire!!
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    Seasons of Superstition Springs

    Thanks so much @Ngaire !! <3
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    thanks so much @Boatlady! <3
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    a collection of my layouts...
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    Thanks so much @alsoarty
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    Arizona scrapper

    Hello! I am new to this site and forum... I am a member of Dagi's Creative team. I am a wife and mom. Our family enjoys being outside, which is where we hope to be as much as possible this winter (while the weather is not hot!), whether it be through hiking or mountain biking. I am a runner, and will be working towards a half marathon race in 2018. I am a planner girl, which is where a lot of my time gets spent (making things for my planner pages with my digital scrap supplies). So yeah... runner, planner, general outside type person, hating AZ the majority of the year.... that's me in a nutshell.