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  1. jenn mccabe

    Jenn McCabe

    CT for On A Whimsical Adventure
  2. jenn mccabe

    February 2018

    so beautiful! i love the font for the month and that shot is a really cool perspective!
  3. jenn mccabe

    Jumpstart January 2

    Love your curved photos and realistic shadows - the collaged photos have such a pretty flow across the page!
  4. jenn mccabe


    Love your blending adn the rich colors! Sounds like fun!
  5. jenn mccabe

    Hi from NY

    Thanks ladies!
  6. jenn mccabe

    Hi from NY

    I think I figured it out ... instead of finding the icon/image of the gallery we want - just go to Add Images first. Then scroll to Members ... and I see I can add an album! For some reason I tried this several times but all Categories were greyed out. It's working now!
  7. jenn mccabe

    Hi from NY

    Hi Carla! Ah, OK, that explains that - I kind of had a feeling maybe that was the case. I really appreciate your instructions for the gallery - but I'm still a little lost. So what if I want to just upload my very first LO in the member's gallery? Since my page is not tied to any event or special challenge/game? 1) Is there an easy way to just get to the member's gallery - it looks like I need to find my sub category (my name?) to see that Add Image button ... but nothing comes up for me - is that bc I am brand new? How do I get around this issue? and 2) to upload to member's gallery we have to dig through all the users' name every time we upload? It doesn't just grab our member gallery when we sign in? Thank you!
  8. jenn mccabe

    Hi from NY

    Hello - I'm new here, I'm Jenn - just joined Anja/On a Whimsical Adventure's team ... and am having a look around and getting settled in a bit. See some familiar faces and lots of new ones! I've been digi scrapping since about 2009 and was paper scrapper before that. Having some trouble posting my first layout though - I can't seem to select the designer to put my layout there? Can anyone help me with that? Thanks & nice to "meet" you all! Jenn