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  1. dianet


    As you will guess, I have just returned from a textile tour of Bali - beautiful country, fabrics, ikat weaving and people
  2. dianet


    Yes, I have done the Ctrl/shift/Y - no result. PSE does not have character panel to change Tt Thank you all for the suggestions. Looks like a cross-you-fingers and wait and hope situation, but so frustrating.
  3. dianet


    My fonts in PSE15 will only print in caps. No caplock on, font has both upper and lowercase, and I have reset tools, reset preferences, used Ctrl/Shift/Y and googled everything possible. Has anyone else had this happen and fixed it? HELP
  4. dianet


    I'm glad I am not alone in this. I will start jotting notes for a checklist, I think. Probably, as I discover the errors or omissions in my next pages!
  5. dianet


    Does anyone have a checklist they use before completing a page? When I go back for a second look, I often find I have missed shadows, or left empty space, etc. A quick check might avoid some of these mistakes.
  6. Here is my page. I used the gradient paper from ABR At this Moment and the background paper from this months Wordsmith.
  7. dianet

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    This is great. Love the way you have used multiple photos without having a cluttered page.
  8. dianet


    A quiet month spending days photographing and sketching around the south east of Queensland.
  9. dianet

    Weekly Newsletter-Circles

    I find this just beautiful. Love the round shapes throughout.
  10. Julian Alps in the corner between Italy, Austria, Slovenia
  11. dianet


    Europe - well everywhere - is such a long way from Australia. But fascinating! These are doorways from Rome, Paris, Eglise San Cyprien, Donastia, Venice, Portovenere, Tarvisio, MonteVidon Combatte.
  12. dianet

    April Haiku

    I love blended pages like this. Very effective
  13. dianet

    Project Life 2018 April 2

    I think this page is great. Love the blending and the final result