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  1. dianet


    I'm glad I am not alone in this. I will start jotting notes for a checklist, I think. Probably, as I discover the errors or omissions in my next pages!
  2. dianet


    Does anyone have a checklist they use before completing a page? When I go back for a second look, I often find I have missed shadows, or left empty space, etc. A quick check might avoid some of these mistakes.
  3. Here is my page. I used the gradient paper from ABR At this Moment and the background paper from this months Wordsmith.
  4. dianet

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    This is great. Love the way you have used multiple photos without having a cluttered page.
  5. dianet


    A quiet month spending days photographing and sketching around the south east of Queensland.
  6. dianet

    Weekly Newsletter-Circles

    I find this just beautiful. Love the round shapes throughout.
  7. Julian Alps in the corner between Italy, Austria, Slovenia
  8. dianet


    Europe - well everywhere - is such a long way from Australia. But fascinating! These are doorways from Rome, Paris, Eglise San Cyprien, Donastia, Venice, Portovenere, Tarvisio, MonteVidon Combatte.
  9. dianet

    April Haiku

    I love blended pages like this. Very effective
  10. dianet

    Project Life 2018 April 2

    I think this page is great. Love the blending and the final result
  11. dianet


    Finally some cooler weather. Paper tmd fancy that painted SS Emb Gratitude Journals Masks FLO Scrap Girls Club Embellishments Studio NLD Christmas Chic
  12. dianet

    Swap Crop for Andrea - Evelyn Bubbles

    Love the bubble theme with the wording placed in circles. Lovely page.
  13. dianet


    A wonderful page. The background makes the photo stand out and begs children to ask questions.
  14. dianet

    Nov Swap for Diane

    Such colours. And the blended background is superb.
  15. dianet

    April swap for Kelly

    I always enjoy circle photos and using this with the tubes keeps a theme going. Great page.