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  1. Thank you. Put it down to either old age or stupidity. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  2. Again , a winner
  3. I am obviously looking in the wrong place, but the new monthly ScrapSimple says there are two tutorials in the downloads. I cannot see these. Anyone able to tell me what I am doing incorrectly, please?
  4. Am I correct that you receive my hot/cold photos? If you will send me your email, I will forward this.


    1. MariJ


      Hi Diane, yes you are correct.  I am sending you my email address in a PM!  :) 

  5. Apart from being a great scrap page, I love the story here. I have only sons, and used to receive just a grin and a 'yeah,great,Mum" when I showed a page. Now they all have children, however, I find both my sons and their children tend to gravitate to the albums to see either what Grandma has done since we were last here (usually Grandchildren) or "oh, yeah,remember when" - the boys.
  6. Spectacular colours here. Great masking
  7. I am having great enjoyment looking up all these beautiful places where people live. Love the flower photo embedded in the main one.
  8. First time, but I'd like to give it a go.
  9. Great photo, and love the blending. Fascinating journaling.
  10. I had to run to an atlas to find a Lake St Clair. It looks a beautiful place to live.
  11. A different view of New York. I know all the documentary views, but this is what is making this particular challenge so interesting. The photos are unique and the journaling tells the personal stories.
  12. It is this sort of photo and journaling that makes my time spent in Scrapgirls so interesting. I can imagine the vista these delicate flowers provide. A great page.
  13. This is a great beach photo treatment. Lovely
  14. The islands of the Great Barrier Reef are stunning. This is Hamilton Is where my son and family have been living. This page is just a layered photo.
  15. This page caught my eye immediately. Colour and layout are so clear. Another idea to scraplift with many thanks!