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  1. dianet

    September Monthly Challenges

    My entry for Favourite Place. At the moment, magical Morocco
  2. dianet

    Hello Fall

    Love this page.
  3. dianet

    Stop and smell the .....jpg

    Very simple, but the children love posters to remind them of their holidays. Lavendar farms in Tasmania
  4. dianet


    As you will guess, I have just returned from a textile tour of Bali - beautiful country, fabrics, ikat weaving and people
  5. dianet


    Yes, I have done the Ctrl/shift/Y - no result. PSE does not have character panel to change Tt Thank you all for the suggestions. Looks like a cross-you-fingers and wait and hope situation, but so frustrating.
  6. dianet


    My fonts in PSE15 will only print in caps. No caplock on, font has both upper and lowercase, and I have reset tools, reset preferences, used Ctrl/Shift/Y and googled everything possible. Has anyone else had this happen and fixed it? HELP
  7. dianet


    I'm glad I am not alone in this. I will start jotting notes for a checklist, I think. Probably, as I discover the errors or omissions in my next pages!
  8. dianet


    Does anyone have a checklist they use before completing a page? When I go back for a second look, I often find I have missed shadows, or left empty space, etc. A quick check might avoid some of these mistakes.
  9. Here is my page. I used the gradient paper from ABR At this Moment and the background paper from this months Wordsmith.
  10. dianet

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    This is great. Love the way you have used multiple photos without having a cluttered page.
  11. dianet


    A quiet month spending days photographing and sketching around the south east of Queensland.