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  1. Tami Miller

    Sneak Peek 1/18

    My Store
  2. Tami Miller

    Best Wishes

    This is just beautiful! Love your clusters.
  3. Tami Miller

    Sneak Peek 1/11

  4. Tami Miller

    First Swim

    Love those beautiful curls, and that adorable face. I also like the way you wove the ribbon through the text, great layout!
  5. Tami Miller

    Grateful for Family_600

    This is just so pretty! Love the wood background with the patterned papers as accents-and the b&w photo works so well
  6. Tami Miller

    Thankful for you Aliya

    Gorgeous! Love your blending, also
  7. Tami Miller

    Happy New Year 2019

    Just lovely!
  8. Tami Miller

    Love This

    I just love this layout-so adorable. Those photos are the cutest and your blending is spot on!
  9. Tami Miller

    Rosemarythyme - Tami Miller CT

    Woooot! Congrats, Sondra
  10. Tami Miller

    Movie Game

    Sinead Keenan-Being Human
  11. Tami Miller

    I Have But I Have Not

    I did not allow Shell to pluck my eyebrows (no eyebrow plucking for this girl), but I did grill steaks with my son (who is home from college for the summer and on a cooking kick)
  12. Tami Miller

    First Word

    vacation (there are few sunny days in Pittsburgh, fortunately, that means it's not so hot in the summer.)
  13. Tami Miller


  14. Tami Miller

    If you like Stephen King, you'll love...

    Stephen King is actually how I found him. I follow him on Twitter for recommendations! I need to checkout The Woman in the Window!