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  1. Tami Miller

    Movie Game

    Sinead Keenan-Being Human
  2. Tami Miller

    I Have But I Have Not

    I did not allow Shell to pluck my eyebrows (no eyebrow plucking for this girl), but I did grill steaks with my son (who is home from college for the summer and on a cooking kick)
  3. Tami Miller

    First Word

    vacation (there are few sunny days in Pittsburgh, fortunately, that means it's not so hot in the summer.)
  4. Tami Miller


  5. Tami Miller

    If you like Stephen King, you'll love...

    Stephen King is actually how I found him. I follow him on Twitter for recommendations! I need to checkout The Woman in the Window!
  6. Tami Miller

    If you like Stephen King, you'll love...

    Some of the romance readers who like Robyn Carr (love her) may also like RaeAnn Thayne. She's done some very cute Christmas Stories, and I always see her at the top of the USA today list
  7. Tami Miller

    First Word

  8. Tami Miller

    I Have But I Have Not

    I did not get seasick whale watching in Australia... I did get lost on the way home from taking my husband to work-when we were detoured...my phone is on the fritz (I greatly rely on GPS) and I have never set the GPS up on my car, I should have listened to my DH. We saw some geese and my daughter thought it was a great adventure.
  9. Tami Miller

    Some Bunny Special

    Wow! This is beautiful!
  10. Tami Miller

    A Beautiful Day

    Chili-this is my favorite layout of yours-gorgeous!
  11. Tami Miller

    ABCs of GIRLS names!

    Qiana-that's very unique, love it! April
  12. Hello ladies! I have to admit that Stephen King books are one of my guilty pleasures. I do love romance, also-but horror is my number one pick. If you love Stephen King books, I think you'll also love Nick Cutter, who is deliciously scary! My favorite of his is The Troop, but really all of his books are great! What is your favorite horror book, or romance if you're appalled by horror! LOL.
  13. Tami Miller

    First Word

    Country (my favorite)
  14. Tami Miller

    ABCs of GIRLS names!

    Lehuanani. This is my best friend's Hawaiian name. I think it's lovely