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  1. Beautiful! Love how all the photos do actually blend into one another as if they are one!
  2. ohhhh that photo looks like a scene from a movie! Nice work!
  3. Love the sparkly feel of this and I'm not a fan of green but this is so pretty! You may have converted me! LOL
  4. OMG this is beautiful! Love the blended in background and then the colored photos on top!
  5. JenniferJ

    Love You

    I love that brick wall paper and I totally agree making the photo b&w made it pop!
  6. JenniferJ

    Love at first sight

    ohh this is such a sweet page and an adorable babe!
  7. Loved it and thats amazing about the popular date! It's also my sisters birthdate!
  8. awww so cute! Love the black background. Sept 26 is my sisters birthday!
  9. JenniferJ

    2021 Week 4

    Beautiful photo's! Love your cluster on top!
  10. Gonna have to share this! LOL
  11. Here is my January pages Side 1 and Side 2
  12. Question: 1. Do you use the monthly photo prompts/challenges? yes 2. If you do, do you like the holiday theme? Or would you like some other theme? I'm up for anything!
  13. Kit Used: Beauty of January by Carol W Designs Template Used: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Scrap It Monthly 6, Series 3 Fonts Used: Good Morning - January and 2021 Javanese - Journaling
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