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  1. Hiddenartist

    Challenge Chase - April 2020

    I'm in again!
  2. Hiddenartist

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    #5. Tuesday 03/17 challenge - Green #6. Weekend Challenge March 21, 2020 - animals Goal - next month, to post pages in the first half of the month 😃
  3. Hiddenartist

    Tuesday 03/17 challenge

    Full of Life
  4. Hiddenartist


    I love your photos, and the kit you used complements them so perfectly!
  5. Hiddenartist

    Full of Life

    Fly High collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  6. Hiddenartist

    Bandit copy2

    This is so funny! And I love the colors in your layout.
  7. Hiddenartist

    Weekend Challenge March 21, 2020

    Partners in Crime
  8. Hiddenartist

    Partners in Crime

    Winter Retreat collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  9. Hiddenartist

    March 2020 Challenge Chase

    #2. Monthly Challenge #1 - Scraplift #3. Monthly Challenge #2 - 3 photos #4. Newsletter Challenge 03-24-2020 - White Space
  10. Hiddenartist

    March 2020 Monthly Challenges

    I did Challenge #1 - Scraplift I scraplifted Judy in SD's Life Is Good page. My side cluster rather got away from me. I also did Challenge #2 - 3 photos - here
  11. Hiddenartist

    Eastern Trip

    Season of Gratitude collab by Aimee Harrison Designs and JB Studio
  12. Hiddenartist

    Share What You See

    Scraplift from Life Is Good by Judy in SD Artwork is Persistence by Tami Miller Designs
  13. Hiddenartist

    Newsletter Challenge 03-24-2020

    Mine: Mama and Abigail
  14. Hiddenartist

    Mama and Abigail

    Undertow from Designs by Helly
  15. Hiddenartist


    This is beautiful! Where did you get the bar code for the magazine?