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  1. #1. Tuesday Newsletter challenge 9-8-2020 - 5 photos #2. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 9-1-2020 - Blue and orange
  2. Evening Sun collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  3. You and Me collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  4. Hiddenartist

    Rebecca's TMD pages

    pages with products from Tami Miller Designs
  5. #4. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge (8-25) BFF #5. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge (8-18) Currently #6. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge (8-11) Edith has been my summer...
  6. Our summer has been pretty uneventful. This little miss has been teething, and that's been my excitement...
  7. Vintage Memories collection by Tami Miller Designs
  8. Beautiful neutrals! I always love big photos and anything with mason jars. 😃
  9. I love the background with all the trees and branches. And the mushrooms. Also the photo arrangement. And I love the earthy colors; they complement the photos so well.
  10. I love the journal idea with the envelopes. It's beautiful, and I always love notebooks on scrapbook pages.
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