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  1. Very cool photo treatments and blending. Fun page!
  2. I am so happy everyone is appreciating the challenge! This is the first challenge I have posted as part of the Welcoming Committee, and I admit I was nervous about it. It has been so fun to see how everyone is interpreting the tasks! You all are the neatest bunch of ScrapGirls!
  3. You did some really neat things with the challenge, Laura. I like how you turned the equal sign in the alpha into a border. The hue changes are neat, too. Great job!
  4. Celestine

    JJ_week 2

    I love the story you tell in the journaling! This is such special photo. I also like how you sneaked in the date along the edge of the heart.
  5. Oh, this is a match to the other page! Layering the black behind and then the double frame makes this really special. Love it. Love it.
  6. I just adore this ! It is really, really stunning. The black and white brushes behind the bold black frame and the eerie photo make a very artistic page.
  7. She is simply adorable, playing with her board book. I love how you have documented the innate curiosity of a baby! The pattern mix is a ton of fun!
  8. That is quite the display by nature with that uprooted tree! I like how you clipped your grandson and placed him in front of one of the photo sections. The effect on the tree embellishment is clever! Love it!
  9. What a great photo of a group of friends. I like your orange filters. They add a sunny look. Great job!
  10. I like how you used the effect! I like the hints of the sketched flowers popping out from the edges of the page border. Very neat. The green is great with Lucy's adorable outfit.
  11. Celestine


    This is very pretty. I really like the bold and brilliant colored clusters against the white. They balance the photo beautifully.
  12. I am going to scraplift monthly challenge #1 from @englishrose. I am always drawn to the visual elements of geometric layouts, yet I don't do them very often.
  13. Yum - this sounds good, and I agree with Marilyn, easily adaptable for meatless diets. I like your soup tureen blended into the background AND used filled with the soup. Very creative.
  14. I am so honored to be scraplifted, and wish I could take credit, but that was a freebie template from Carol W Designs. ☺️ Your version is simply stunning. I love the geometric paper paired with the romantic photos. The bride and groom look so happy. I like how you highlighted the journaling.
  15. Thanks for participating in the challenge, Cindy! Did you do a conversion of two papers or elements? If so, let us know! 😉
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