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  1. Celestine

    true blue

    This is gorgeous the way the paper and elements play off the photo of the bird.
  2. Celestine

    From 3 to 23 in a Jiffy

    Thanks, Dady, doubly appreciated because I pretty much adore everything you post.
  3. Celestine

    Spain & Portugal Road trip

    Gorgeous page. Love the sketch photo and the layering and the "bar" of photos on the left. Nice job.
  4. Celestine


    This page made me smile. 😊
  5. Celestine

    Egg Knock Tradition

    I have never heard of the egg knock. What a cute tradition and great scrapped memory.
  6. Celestine

    Monthly challenge #4

  7. Celestine

    monthly challenge #3

    This is an incredible page. Everything about it is right - the blending, the arrows, the sideways word art, the photo frame and the photo. Just wow.
  8. Celestine

    Pop of Color

    This is a very cool layout. I hope you use the full color image in a future layout - it would be neat to see also.
  9. Celestine

    April Monthly Challenges

    Here is my final entry for the April Monthly Challenge - using a big number or letter: From 3 to 23 in a Jiffy.
  10. Celestine

    From 3 to 23 in a Jiffy

    Background & Embellishments: Brandy Murry Manmade Overlay: AFT Designs Antique Edges Paper Biggie Backwards Brad: JIC Creations "Kids Ahead" Font: Haettenschweiler Photos: Personal
  11. Celestine

    Remembering Easter 1999

    Thanks MariJ! That was my son's "newsboy" outfit!" I can tell from the series in my old photo album that about 20 seconds later he was all set for a toddler tantrum. I really only got the one semi-good pic that year, LOL! Thanks for the positive comments. I had all these egg, bunny and flower embellishments in the corner, and then I told myself - employ restraint. It is always hard for me to back off on a layout.
  12. Celestine

    Tuesday Challenge - April 16, 2019

    Looking back 20 years - here is Remembering Easter 1999.
  13. Celestine

    Remembering Easter 1999

    Papers: Sekada Designs Make It Bloom Font: Riesling Photos: Personal Inspiration: Mimouscrap 2009-ciboulette
  14. Celestine

    Happy Easter

    Nice composition! Very cute, too.
  15. Celestine

    Easter Delights

    This is very pretty and has great blending. I like the use of the stamps.