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  1. Such a pretty cluster and a great photo!
  2. Beautiful image and I love how you have the journaling block and the photo on the edges of the page for balance. Great job.
  3. That must have been a true adventure. The photo is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
  4. This looks like a beautiful spot! I like the stamps on the clothespins!
  5. Such a good idea! My husband's sisters (there are five of them!) skype together once a week and it really keeps them in touch. The circles behind the photos enforce the theme!
  6. What a fantastic extraction and such a whimsical way to scrap it. This is a real memory treasure. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  7. Great photos and I love the sketch effect. Great shadow work, too.
  8. Love the layering and how you split the dominant diagonal paper.
  9. Looks like something our dog would love to do! What a fun page!
  10. I like your message in the sand! Nice collection of photos! Thanks for joining the challenge!
  11. Looks like fun and what a daring girl! Great splash for the challenge!
  12. Celestine

    When it rains

    When a pool isn't near, I guess a stormwater drain will do! Cute photo and I love the paper layered under the umbrella.
  13. So moody! Probably to match the mood of the little girl! Thanks for joining the challenge!
  14. The shape frames are a great way to include details about your trip to the top of the Gateway Arch!
  15. And here is a layout I did for the challenge today: Journey Behind the Falls.
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