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  1. Celestine

    Embrace The Win

    Bekah E Designs "Project Keepsake: June Collection Biggie" Brandy Murry "ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders 7" Fonts: Blue Highway, Blue Highway Linocut Photo: Personal
  2. Celestine

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    My goal is to work on my Old Vacations book at least every Monday for Project Life. We'll see how I do. Here is Smoky Mountains Rainbow. This was a re-work of a page I did 7 months ago. I liked some things about it, but the colors were off for this section of the book, and I thought it just looked DULL for a rainbow page. The re-work has more depth of color, and I moved some things around. I think it fits better in the album now.
  3. Celestine

    Smoky Mountains Rainbows

    Angela Blanchard "Woodland Botanical" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Syndee Rogers "ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Blended Masks Vol 2" Blarney Combo "Queen Brat Digital Designs" Anna Aspnes "FotoBlendz Overlays No. 11" Origins Digital Curio "Forest Jewels" Fonts: KG Drops of Jupiter, Simple Things Photo: Personal
  4. Celestine


    Very reminiscent of the mood board and so delicately pretty!
  5. Celestine

    JJ20_week 2

    Great page. I like the photo color pop and the angled frame that gives it more surprise and dimension. Nice choice of stamps for the background.
  6. Celestine


    Love that white tree - it matches perfectly with the papers. You did a great job mixing the two kits.
  7. Celestine

    Wedding Journey

    Layouts from the year before the wedding: engagement, wedding planning, showers, events.
  8. Celestine

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    My 5th is the 1/18 WWC - Floral Genius.
  9. Celestine

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    Here is my layout for the challenge: Floral Genius.
  10. Celestine

    Floral Genius

    Brandy Murry "ScrapSimple Embellishment Template: Dramatically Lifted Photos" Brandy Murry "Grace" Florju Designs "Winter Time" Tami Miller Designs "Give Graffiti" Font: KG Neatly Printed Spaced Photos: Personal
  11. Celestine

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    So, I just did 11 pages for my daughter's wedding album based on this mood board. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I can post any of them because they were the pages showing all of the guests at the reception tables. I just don't feel comfortable putting those images on line. I'll see if I can adapt it for another project. Just wanted you to know, Valerie, that the challenge really inspired me to work on something I've been avoiding for awhile now.
  12. Celestine

    Jumpstart January week 2

    This is a wow page. I love the repeated pelican and the subdued color with the exception of the photo. Really stands out.
  13. Celestine

    Week 2 (Jan 13).jpg

    Fun page! your title work really stands out even with all that is going on in the page. I like your paper choices, too.
  14. Celestine


    I think it is terrific. It caught my eye right away in the gallery! I like the black and white butterfly against the colored botanicals.
  15. Celestine


    Adorable. I love how you have the little fairly sitting on the photograph.