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  1. Five photos - another one here before the end of the month
  2. Pretty JuScrap Herb Garden Collection Aimee Harrison Rosemary and Thyme Collection Diane Rooney SSPT: Textiles Angie Briggs Ordinary Day VP Marisa Lerin "Tag Templates" Photos: Personal Fonts: Dearest, Tw Cen MT
  3. This sounds really delicious. It reminds me a little of a recipe my Gran used to make for all the summer gatherings. Cute card and I like your use of the plaid and the label.
  4. Sounds decadent! I do like to have a caramel apple this time of year! What a great thing to take to a party! I like your title font - really pretty.
  5. This sounds delicious and I like how you have used your mother's card!
  6. Such a great way to display this recipe with the photo! Love it!
  7. Celestine


    hahaha. Too funny. Beautiful page, though!
  8. My Fast & Easy tip is that for the family cookbook that I am revamping, I created my own template with simple blocking and fonts. I have created folders with 28 solid page colors, simple patterned overlays and a set of specific shaped tags that are used to reinforce consistency since I am borrowing food and kitchen embellishments from so many different kits. I also have created a folder with multi-colored "food backgrounds" that I toss in now and again to vary the look. Pizza Party is one of the more jazzed up pages.
  9. Carolyn Kite Mama Mia Pizzeria Collection Chere Kaye ScrapSimple Countdown to Christmas Tags Fonts: Dearest, Tw Cen MT Photo: Personal
  10. I've had a lot of dips over the years, but this one really sounds unique! I love the idea of the vegetables already in the dip! Sounds so delicious! Your little cluster with your signature is adorable.
  11. Thanks for including the journaling to let us know the medium for this most unusual exhibit! Very interesting and what a great photo.
  12. That mosaic is perfect! I like your border treatment and the clusters as well.
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