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  1. Gorgeous blended frame stack! I like how your neutral paper emphasizes the photo, word art and birds.
  2. Celestine


    Adorable layout! I like the vertical elements and that photo series.
  3. Interesting app - I will need to look into it! I have boxes of old negatives from my dad's early amateur photography days, when it was his hobby and not his job. I have to say, after he passed and we tried without success to sell his studio business, it broke my heart tossing a lifetime of negatives from his professional work into a dumpster. All those weddings and senior photos and family portraits.... My mom ran advertisements in their local newspaper for weeks telling people to come by and pick up their negatives for free and still we threw away so, so many. This was almost 25 years ago, before digital and scanning were mainstream.
  4. Celestine


    Ginny Whitcomb: Value Pack Summer Reverie Photo: Pixabay
  5. Celestine

    Bride Believe

    Ginny Whitcomb: Summer Reverie Collection ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates Summer Reverie Photo Masks Photo: Rick Jennisch
  6. Celestine

    Summer Reverie

    Such a pretty page!
  7. I love your journaling with the recipe and the photo! My great aunt, who lived with my grandma, was always making jello salads. She had many, many recipes, and I am sure this is very close to one of them. Thanks for bringing up happy memories.
  8. Nice stacked effect on your card. I love bread pudding and have a great one using bourbon, so this is interesting to see and compare! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Beautiful. I like how your sketch image blends into the patterned brush on the left edge.
  10. Celestine


    I like all your different fonts, plus the arrangement of the prominent title with the fun photos at the bottom.
  11. Pretty card! This sounds like an interesting recipe to try someday!
  12. We are never going to be tired of seeing images of this cutie! Bring 'em on! The photo effect on the big pic is great and I like the vines and stuffed animals around your frame. She is adorable!
  13. Great photo effect on your page! The clock brush is perfect with it.
  14. Your backyard is stunning! Everything about this page is lovely and elegant.
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