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  1. Sounds interesting! I hope I can participate in some of it. We have a very sick doggy at our house, and found out on Wednesday it is likely to be a brain tumor. Some vet appointments, meds and a lot of care are in our immediate future while we seek more definitive answers. Our happy, goofy, lovable dog is having a very tough time. 😢 Here is Chief just this spring.
  2. What a beautiful photo and gorgeous blending at the top.
  3. Wonderful photo! She is such a cutie. I love all your blending - it goes so well with the thought of dandelions blowing in the wind.
  4. Great page! That web is fantastic, along with sweet photo.
  5. This is pretty! I really need to try a technique layering up so many different paper scrap textures in the background. Great inspiration!
  6. Very nice. I love the simplicity of your layout. Cute doggy!
  7. This is really pretty and the color cast for the photo plays perfectly off the elements. You have put so much together so well.
  8. Celestine

    Friday Night Lights

    Laura Louie "A Sky Full of Stars" ScrapGirls Oct 2020 Monthly Club Font: Philosopher Photo: Personal
  9. Really beautiful layering, especially that map page. I love your cluster, too.
  10. This is a gorgeous photo and I like your journaling placement. Really beautiful layout.
  11. I love the combination of papers on your page. The colors play really well off the napkin in the photo. I have a version of this recipe that I like to use for company crowds in the summer. I will have to try Andrea's since it is slightly different.
  12. What a stunning photograph! Wow! Cute embellishments to go with it.
  13. What fantastic photographs! I love to see heritage pages like this. Great blending in the background.
  14. Celestine


    Simple adorable. I love how you balanced the brick wall in the photo with the white and damask and the chain of flowers.
  15. Your comments made me laugh a little, Marilyn! I admit to having a tickly nose and sneezing when incense is burning, too. But never fainting! Goodness! The use of the incense was meaningful to my daughter because she and her brother were both altar servers, and our church has a strong tradition of keeping servers until they graduate from high school. Only the oldest servers would get certain privileges when helping at High Masses, such as swinging the incense. It isn't unusual to have 12-20 servers for certain times, like Holy Thursday. It is so uncommon these days. The two gentlemen flanking
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