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  1. Celestine

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    I am loving "skyping" with you all while you are on your retreat. It looks like you are having fun, learning a lot, and busy creating. I really wish I could have tagged along on this trip, but checking in every few days has been nice.
  2. Celestine


    What a perfect page. The idea is straightforward, and yet the scattered images are a surprise - I love the way they are arranged.
  3. Celestine


    Another great page! Looks like it was fun!
  4. Celestine

    Retreat-#7 blended 2

    What a unique treatment. I don't think I've seen chain link fencing blended into a LO before.
  5. Celestine


    Caught my eye and very creative! Nice double frame and imagination with the photo.
  6. Celestine

    SG-Retreat #7

    Just stunning! Love the light texture and the positioning of the title work and elements relative to the boy and flowers.
  7. Celestine

    SG_LO#7_Texture class

    Great background, and I love the foil/glitter diamonds giving extra focus to the image.
  8. Celestine


    This is so neat! Had to call DH over to see it! My DH is obsessed by the Mecum auctions on TV. His favs are cars from the 40s just like this one you scrapped. Wonderful grunge.
  9. Celestine

    Celebrate Mass

    Thanks, MariJ! I tried to mimic the word art Brandy Murry had in the kit. I usually go bold with a title, so this was a switch!
  10. Celestine

    Celebrate Mass

    Brandy Murry "Chasing Dragonflies" Brandy Murry "ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Fall Out Frames." Font: Simple Print Photo: Rick Jennisch
  11. Celestine

    Retirement Sale 2019

    Thanks, Angie. I am carefully scouring the last chance pages right now!
  12. Celestine

    Retirement Sale 2019

    I haven't been lurking around SG all that long (not even a year yet), and I am so surprised at all the recent releases on the "last chance" list. SOOO many of them are on my wishlist, waiting for the time when I'm not so focused on wedding pages. Guess the waiting is over, LOL!
  13. Celestine

    My Grandma

    This is beautiful!
  14. Celestine


    I love the idea of this kind of page! I like how they seem to be randomly piled, but you can see each one.
  15. Celestine

    Tuesday Challenge 17th September

    Thanks for the challenge! I think there will be a wide variety of great layouts this week for this topic! Here is Celebrate Mass.
  16. Celestine

    Weekly Winners September 16th

    Wow - thrilled to win. Thanks, April! I was pleased with the final look of the page. Such talented designers with all these alphas.
  17. Celestine


    Angie Briggs "Love Notes" Brandy Murry "Manmade" Angie Briggs "Spring Sherbet" Brandy Murry "Grace" Tami Miller Designs "Selfie" Janet Scott "Toolbox Calendar - Metal Doodle" Font: Harting Photos: Rick Jennisch, Personal
  18. Celestine


    Thanks for the kind words, Sue.
  19. Celestine

    Tuesday Challenge - 17th September_600

    Very stark and modern. It just pops!
  20. Celestine

    2019 SG Retreat - Wild Animal LO

    Great photos, and I love the way you placed the photos on the page with the paper strips.
  21. Celestine

    All We Need is Love

    Angie Briggs "Love Notes Collection Biggie" & "Love Notes Pattern Paper Mini" Angie Briggs "You Are" [ALL] Brandy Murry "Manmade" [WE] Angie Briggs "Love Notes" [NEED] Tami Miller Designs "Genuine" [IS] Syndee Rogers "Flea Market" [LOVE] Aimee Harrison Designs "Canyonlands" Photos: Rick Jennisch
  22. Celestine

    Baby 8 Months

    Angie Briggs "Summer Love" (freebie) On A Whimsical Adventure "Stitched Shapes Vol 01" Tami Miller Designs "Read A Good Book Borders" (recolored) Brooke Gazarek "Baseballs Small Overlay" My Memories "Starter Kit" Font: limetart Photos: Personal Inspiration: Sue 19, Little Giggles
  23. Celestine

    Wedding Party Formal Portrait

    Tami Miller Designs "Read a Good Book" Syndee Rogers "ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Dream Big" Sekada Designs "Into the Wild Embellishment Mini Splashes" Brandy Murry "Chasing Dragonflies" Ginny Whitcomb "ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Just Blend It Vol. 4" Debora's Creations "My Memories Pack" (recolored) Fonts: Shorelines Script Bold, Britannic Bold Photo: Rick Jennisch
  24. Celestine

    Wedding Gown Work of Art

    Brandy Murry "One Yellow Paper" Tami Miller Designs "Read A Good Book" Brandy Murry "Grace" Butterfly Dsigns "Song From A Secret Garden" Angie Briggs "You Are" (recolored) Fonts: Sanctuary Playground, Candara Photo: Rick Jennisch Inspiration: "jPA_Zoey_3_30_17Up" by justpattyanne
  25. Celestine

    SG Retreat #LO1

    I like your altered photo and then the unaltered one repeated. Great idea. I have so many photos I am afraid to alter because I want the crispness of original, and doing something like this would solve it and allow a little fun into the layout.