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    Beautiful page with the large-scale photo effect and the pink cloud.
  2. Celestine

    Erinn and Paul

    I love how you dangled the different shaped photo boxes from the wires. The flow across the page is excellent in conjunction with the background journaling.
  3. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    Favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise) - hot tea or iced teaHandwriting: print or script? - Usually script, but it is getting more illegible the older I getFavorite number? don't have oneFavorite childhood toy? We made a multi-room cardboard house for these tiny dolls out of shoe boxes, and the neighbor girls and I played with it, redecorating the walls with wrapping paper and making furniture, etc. That thing sat under my bed for years. Next: Do you decorate in contemporary style or vintage/antiques? Wash dishes by hand or in a dishwasher? Do you ever make smoothies? If so, what kind? Do you ever create your own digital scrapbook papers and re-use them for different projects?
  4. Celestine

    June Challenge Chase

    Here is my 6th challenge - WWC 6/8 Adore This Boy.
  5. Celestine

    Weekend Wildcard 6/8

    Here is my layout, and it seems I went in a different direction than most, focusing on creating the bunting rather than flags or a parade. Adore This Boy.
  6. Celestine

    Forever Begins Today

    What a pretty page! How did I miss this collection when combing the store for wedding type kits? Wow!
  7. Celestine


    I love full photo scrapbooking, and this is creatively done with the embellishments along the top and a little on the bottom. Very nice.
  8. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    Do you have a pet now? Yes, 96 lbs of dog What’s your favorite dessert? Hmmmm...pumpkin pie Do you own a tablet (iPad, etc) No Smart phone or dumb phone? Smart phone, but I only got an older model, refurbished one a few months before my daughter's wedding and it ended up being a life-saver Next: What was your very first paid job? How old is your car? Hard floors or carpet in most of your house? Can you see the stars at night where you live?
  9. Celestine


    This photo is perfect for this challenge and a great memory page. I like your fill for the letters and the fade into the wood.
  10. Celestine

    Lavender Packets of Love

    Papers: Angie Briggs "Love Notes" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Overlays & Masks: Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" AFT Designs "ScrapSimple Lace Effect" Stamps: Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Angie Briggs "Love Notes" Sekada Designs "Lavender for Mom" Font: Always Together Photos: Rick Jennisch
  11. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    After a long or rough day, how do you like to unwind/relax? Read or watch TV Favorite music genre? Classic rock Favorite fruit? Cutie oranges Favorite/best time to scrap? mid-morning Since my earlier questions got skipped, I will repeat them: Fly or drive?Activity you felt committed to, but personally would have rather passed up? (i.e., I really disliked sitting at cold track meets for my daughter, but there I was....week after dreary week...)Sweet or unsweetened tea? (or coffee)Are you a collector? If so, what?
  12. Celestine

    Monthly Challenge #2

    These are great photos, with the shadows playing such a prominent role. I also like how you framed them so narrowly and placed the title.
  13. Celestine

    South Dakota Needles Highway

    Brandy Murry "Calico" AFT Designs "Antique Edges" Font: Ebrima Photo: Personal
  14. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    Do you use blankets or a quilt on your bed? I have gorgeous family quilts for the guest room, but in the winter we layer with an afghan crocheted by my beloved great aunt, who died in 1985. It is still in terrific shape.Do you prefer beach or mountains? Mountains, but I will take beaches, too!Do you like/eat sushi? Yummm!!!Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes Next Fly or drive? Activity you felt committed to, but personally would have rather passed up? (i.e., I really disliked sitting at cold track meets for my daughter, but there I was....week after dreary week...) Sweet or unsweetened tea? (or coffee) Are you a collector? Is so, what?
  15. Celestine

    Monthly challenge #4 Post card

    Wow. Ambitious. Five postcards! Great take on the challenge. I like all your different styles of word art.
  16. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    Do you still use your very old scrapping supplies? Occasionally when I make cards, and I did use some for the DIY things for my daughter's wedding last summer.Do you print your photos? If not, where are they? I stopped printing photos around 2004. Some have been used in digital photobooks. The rest are in date organized digital folders - backed up three times.Did you paper scrap before digital? Yes, but only a little bit. Are you a good cook? Actually, yes. I like to try new recipes. Plus, I can make a decent sauce or soup out of virtually anything sitting in my pantry. Next: Favorite vegetable? Are you having good weather today? Where did you go the last time you did an activity with friends? Do you like to scrap heritage pages?
  17. Celestine

    Biltmore Gardens

    Papers: Angela Blanchard "Woodland Botanical" Overlay: AFT Designs "Absolutely Blended 3" Embellishments: Angela Blanchard "Woodland Botanical" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Florju Designs "Nature" Fonts: Messages, Edwardian Script, Poor Richard, Simple Print Photos: Personal
  18. Celestine

    Shapely Bridesmaids

    Lots of photo shapes for the 6/4/2019 Newsletter Challenge! Overlays: Angie Briggs "SS Paper Templates: Cut Outs 5501" Marisa Lerina "Damask Paper Templates 1-10" HGGraphicsDesigns "Overlay Texture" Embellishments: Brandy Murry "Calico" Florju Designs "Nature" Janet Scott "One Stop Bunting Shop" Photos: Rick Jennisch
  19. Celestine

    Project 2019_Italy

    These are beautiful. I love the papers you chose. The angle paper and curled page on the Florence side really emphasize the perspective shot.
  20. Celestine

    Shapely Bridesmaids

    I'm glad you liked her dress! It was a process finding "the one" - I even scrapped it - and it took pages....hahaha. I posted just one of the pages where she is trying on gowns, but the others were in the same vein.
  21. Celestine

    Question and Answer Game

    Left or right handed? Left Do you hang your photos/scrap pages on the wall? I have plans for some heritage pages to go on the wall in our spare bedroom - once I get done with these other photobooks! Can you touch type? yes How did you celebrate your birthday as a child? Our birthdays were generally low-key with just us and grandmas. I remember parties when I turned 6 (?) and 13. Next Pasta or rice? Do you ever walk to the market? Is there a kit or collection you go back to again and again? Open windows or air conditioning?
  22. Celestine

    Weekly Layout & Forum Game Winners - June 3rd

    I had a great time on the World Tour! Thanks for the gift code!
  23. Celestine

    Sneak Peek 6/7

    There are some gorgeous collections coming our way! Thanks!
  24. Celestine

    June Challenge Chase

    Here is my LO from the 6/4 Weekly Newsletter Challenge for SHAPES. I couldn't help myself with the pun - here is Shapely Bridesmaids.
  25. Celestine

    Tuesday Challenge 6/4/19

    Here is my page - please forgive the pun - Shapely Bridesmaids