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  1. I like your altered photo and then the unaltered one repeated. Great idea. I have so many photos I am afraid to alter because I want the crispness of original, and doing something like this would solve it and allow a little fun into the layout.

  2. 2 hours ago, beatricemi said:

    I think the white diecuts work perfectly with the plaid papers. The blue in the PP goes so well with the photo (gorgeous by the way) too. I'm sorry you struggled with this one. It's lovely. If you think it's too country maybe you could replace the ric-rac with some fancy ribbons or something. I think it looks great as is though. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

    Great suggestion, Beatrice! I should dig more carefully for an elegant ribbon. For the final book, I might replace the paper, too. I liked the diecuts, too. I will let it percolate awhile, but I really appreciate the input.

  3. 1 hour ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    The sushi in the square photo in the center was taken at place in San Francisco called Sushi Boat. It had seating arranged in a square around the sushi chefs and the was a conveyor belt. Unfortunately, all the seats were taken. 

    Probably a good thing, LOL. It was way too easy to just pick up another plate!