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  1. 33 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

    More fabulous photos from the wedding! Since the first photo I saw of it,  I'm still in love with her wedding dress. ❤️ Of course, she would make any dress lovely.
    Great mix of frame shapes and I especially like the green background with the white and lblue of their dresses.

    I'm glad you liked her dress! It was a process finding "the one" - I even scrapped it - and it took pages....hahaha. I posted just one of the pages where she is trying on gowns, but the others were in the same vein. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

    I like how you did the title on your postcard. It looks very elegant, like the Biltmore estate. Cute photos of the kids and lovely garden-themed background, too.

    I admit to "lifting" the style of the title. I collect postcards (and Christmas ornaments) when we travel, and this fancy lettering with the underlines was on a winter view postcard that was in my postcards album. I thought it came off looking pretty legit, though!