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  1. Celestine

    Fav Foods

    We grow them in our yard. I pick between 20 and 40 quarts each June/July.
  2. Celestine


    Adrienne Skelton Dogs Rule Collection Biggie Aja Fillmore Creations Spring Meadows Value Pack Pretty JuScrap Chess Night Collection Tami Miller BeYoutiful Graffiti Melissa Riddle "Shelter Pet" Font: Gichi Handwriting Photos: Personal
  3. Now that spring is here, I am loving the Cozy Space in our yard.
  4. Celestine

    Cozy Space

    Aja Fillmore Creations Spring Meadows Value Pack Angie Briggs SSPT: Grungology Overlap Fonts: Please Write Me A Song, KG Ways to Say Goodbye, Rockwell Photos: Personal
  5. I am having a hard time believing you are EVER cranky, Marilyn. You bring such cheer to us here at ScrapGirls! 🙂
  6. Such an incredible photo and I loved the story that went with it. Love the crispness to your page.
  7. Gorgeous card, with the remembrance paw balanced by the brush pawprints on the background paper. Your photo looks so dreamy and surreal. The pink heart brush is just the right punch. Incredible job on this. And, yes, dogs leave a hole in our hearts when they are gone.
  8. This sounds so different for a blueberry pie! Those macadamia nuts sound interesting. I really like your card with the hint of purple in the texture and the edged blueberries.
  9. Gorgeous blending, and I like how you carried the dot brush over the frame. Your clusters balance the page so well.
  10. These are beautiful. Your blending with the floral pattern and purply blue is really pretty. Great use of the frame.
  11. I really like how the pink plays off the gray background and that the background is the same hue as your cat. What a sweet photo. That corner bracket looks like a basket hanger!
  12. Fantastic job matching all those flowers to the colors in the photo. Gorgeous cluster and side details.
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