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    New Hobby

    That is lovely! Is that cross stitch or embroidery? Your paper goes wonderfully with you theme and the photos and other papers just pop.
  2. 1. How many years have you lived in one place? 23 years same house; 29 years same town 2. Are you a dog or cat person, what other animal person are you? I love dogs, especially our Chief, and I also love cats but I am allergic. I love to watch otters at the zoo and play with goats on a farm. 3. Do you use your scraping for genealogy? Yes, and I will probably do more once I am done with this never-ending wedding album. 4. Why did you start digital scrapping? I started using a digital platform (Shutterfly/Mixbook) to do high school books and senior projects for my children, but when it came time to work on my daughter's wedding album and I had more time to put into something, I found that type of platform too limiting. I started exploring more customized digital scrapping software and supplies in Fall 2018, found ScrapGirls, and the rest is history. 1. Do you have a favorite flower? 2. Are you a crafty person beyond scrapping? If so, what? 3. What style of scrapping is most difficult for you? 4. Where do you get inspiration for your scrapbook pages?
  3. Celestine


    Wonderful striking page with the negative space in the corner.
  4. Such a pretty page. Your use of the lace in so many ways is lovely.
  5. I'm a little late to the game, but I am finally feeling better and back to scrapping! Please sign me up! Here is my LO from the 7/11 Weekend Wildcard Challenge.
  6. This LO is mainly from three new kits that were downloaded within the past 30 days. A couple of lace bits were from other kits purchased within the past six months. I am fairly certain this is 100% from items I haven't used before. 🆕 Here is My Love Bride and Groom.
  7. Veronica Spriggs "My Dearest Darling" (paper and embellishments) Chere Kaye "Dear Prudence" (Embellishments) Brandy Murry "ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Circlets 2 Biggie" ML Design "Natural Beauty Collection" (lace knot) Syndee Rogers "It's a Beautiful Life" (lace) Emily Abramson "Into the Woods" (retired)(net ring) Font: Old Typewriter Photos: Rick Jennisch
  8. Wow. Good for you! Great photos and journaling!
  9. Celestine

    slow scrap LO 2

    What a nice memory page. Your blending with the papers and photo is wonderful.
  10. Gorgeous page and great journaling.
  11. What a pretty blending job! Your photo is lovely and so is the title work.
  12. What a lovely page and wonderful journaling! It is a little nostalgic for me as my mom also loved watching birds. She would always use her books to point out the new ones she had seen since our last visit.
  13. Celestine

    June Sketch

    this is lovely with the text brush that looks like a cloud and the elements you selected. Great photos. I also like the water bubbles.
  14. Very cool! I like the stacking and the fonts.
  15. Celestine

    Aloha Hawaii

    Very pretty and peaceful with those orange and blue overtones.
  16. Celestine

    Gorgeous and creative, Andrea. I love the chevron with the different wood papers and the photos in the corners.
  17. O wow. Love it. the template is perfect with those papers.
  18. Celestine

    Little Baker

    Ginny Whitcomb: "ScrapSimple Paper Templates Grunge Effect Textures" "ScrapSimple Paper Templates Grunge Effect Overlays 2" "ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates Stacked Photos 7" "Grandma's Kitchen Collection Biggie" Font: cinnamon cake Photos: Personal
  19. We discovered a new "booze" to use when we went to Tennessee in 2019. Here is Boozy Grilled Chuck Roast.
  20. Bekah E Designs "Backyard Barb-B-Que Collection" Fonts: Constantia, Rio Oro Photo: Personal
  21. So interesting! And a brave and wonderful choice to go without embellishments!
  22. Beautiful and interesting layouts! congrats!
  23. I love your photo in the letters and the stacked title. Wonderful texture and embellishments, too.
  24. What a beautiful, journal-style page! That photo and the gesso texture is really neat. Love the embellishments you added.
  25. What a touching story and a beautiful garden. The blended photo overlooking the garden is especially wonderful. Good to see you back again, Marilyn!
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