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  1. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Hmmm... I am torn between the green door and the brown door. Mikelle - for clarification do you mean that one paper needs to be a single background with no blending of other papers? I was a little confused.
  2. Celestine

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Everyone was so helpful with my "stuck" dilemma for the peonies layout! I hope others take advantage of this thread for LOs that are giving them fits for one reason or another. This will be a wonderful resource for individuals and their scrapbook projects.....😊
  3. Celestine

    South Dakota Badlands Beautiful

    Brandy Murry "Calico" DRB Designs "ScrapSimple Paper Templates Distressed Flourished Overlays" Font: Impact Label Photo: Personal
  4. Celestine


    I think I just gasped out loud! What a stunning page. Love the blending and the embellishments in the corner. I also like how you placed the title work right in the middle. I almost never do that....now I'm thinking.... Great inspiration page. I see some ideas very worth lifting....
  5. Celestine

    colourfull slow scrap_week2

    Beautiful, Jane! Love the colors and the fonts. As an aside, my son recently traveled to Ecuador and I offered to make him some scrapbook pages because you have so inspired me with your travel pages. I got a VERY lukewarm response. LOL.😂
  6. Celestine

    weekend challenge_Card

    This is completely adorable! Lucky is the recipient!
  7. Celestine

    Father & Daddy

    Angie Briggs "You Are" AFT Designs ScrapSimple Paper Templates "Absolutely Blended 2" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" (recolored) Sharon Grant "Ice Cream Delights" Fonts: Arial Black, Arial Narrow Photo: Personal
  8. Celestine

    Imagine My Life

    Angie Briggs "Spring Sherbet" AFT Designs "ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Shabby Expert" Sekada Designs "Brush Set: Hygge" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Angie Briggs "Love Notes" DRB Designs "Resplendent" Syndee Rogers "A Tough of Class" ADB Designs "Blue Ridge Mountain Song" AMBDesigns "Element 7" Fonts: Bethoven Regular, Sweet and Sassy Serif, Ahsley Photo: Rick Jennisch
  9. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Everyone's LOs look so nice! Here is mine: Imagine My Life.
  10. Celestine

    Invitation Pool party

    That is adorable! Perfect for e-vites!
  11. Celestine

    Slow Scrap Week 2 for upload

    This is beautiful. I like the way your line-drawn embellishments match the photo treatment.
  12. Celestine

    Oh Happy Day

    This is messily adorable!
  13. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Here is my LO with 3 embellishments and 3 brushes added.
  14. Celestine

    South Dakota Badlands Beautiful

    Thanks docsheila - no photoshopping there - that is the actual color of the plants! Matched perfectly with the turquoise embellishments.
  15. Celestine


    Butterfly Dsign "Song from a Secret Garden" AFT Designs "Antique Edges" DRB Designs "Resplendent" Janet Scott "All The Princesses" Font: Beyond the Mountains (3-D and Shadow) Photos: Rick Jennisch
  16. Celestine

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Thanks for all the input, everyone. I used several suggestions, including placing the text on a diagonal, not fighting the background by using a brush in a similar color (I always go light and it never looked right, so thanks for that tip Anne-Marie). I played with colored text, but ultimately decided not to fight the white. Adding the black and white corner flowers plays off the 3D white and black text in a more subtle way than the frame with the colored embellishments. I also played with different text box shapes (i.e. long and narrow, tall and narrow, square), but finally settled on this one due to the fact that the center part of the background didn't really have peonies peeking through the overlay in that section. I've spent entirely too much time on this single LO, but this is an important story for the wedding album, and I wanted to get it looking right. Thanks so much everyone - I do think it looks better!
  17. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Here are the photo and word art added. The quote is adapted from a love letter between the couple. Awwww.
  18. Celestine

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Everyone has been so helpful. I definitely need to move in the direction of deleting the frame, angling the text and making it brushing behind it in some way. Let me work on these suggestions a little today or tomorrow and I will post the results here in this thread. Thanks for the great suggestions! Interesting that everyone began to have a little "group think" - so helpful!!!
  19. Celestine

    Down to the Waterline

    Pretty textures everywhere! Love the linen/burlap texture on the paper, the crackle and the brushes. Great colors, too.
  20. Celestine


    Neat photo and blending. That text is amazing! How did you do that?
  21. Celestine

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Hi! I recently finished this Wedding Peonies layout (go to text link for bigger version in the gallery), but couldn't figure out a way to include the extensive journaling without disrupting the colorful background or the angled photos and title work. I think the frame with the journaling is clunky and I am not pleased with where it is located. I am looking for some suggestions on how to deal with the large amount of journaling against a dark and busy background. This will eventually go in my daughter's wedding photobook. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  22. Celestine

    Tuesday Challenge 7/9/19 Sounds of Silence

    What an incredible fairy garden! I love how you have the shadowed paper blended into the bottom and use some more in a mask behind the image. Really nice blending work.
  23. Celestine

    7 Months Old Hi Res

    From the album: Baby

    Florju Designs "Nature" On A Whimsical Adventure "Woodland Walks" AFT Designs ScrapSimple Paper Template "Absolutely Blended 3" Jopke Designs "Misty Blue Beautiful" Marisa Lerin "Borders Kit #2" Fonts: Rockwell, Shoreline Script Bold, Arial Black, Calibri Light, Bodoni MT, Arial Rounded MT Bold, A Little Sunshine, Candara, Bernard MT Condensed, Blue Highway Condensed, Broadway, Century, Cooper Black, Sans Serif, Dubai Light, Bauhaus 93, Segoe UI Light, Simple Print, Showcard Gothic, Epistolar, Bahnschrift, Berlin Sans FB Demi, DialogueInput, Cardeno Modern. Photos: Personal
  24. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    I am using the neutral shades from the yellow beach photo, drawing from Spring Sherbet and Chasing Dragonflies Collections, and then blending with a shabby paper template.
  25. Celestine

    7 Months Old Hi Res

    Thanks MariJ. I really needed to change up these monthly photos taken and sent by my niece, which are all very similar with the blackboard showing the accomplishments. I think this worked pretty well!