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    Bridal Gown on Porch

    Background: SG "Spring Sherbet" Papers: Florju Designs "Nature" Mask: Built from SG Freebie April2019 from Ginny Whitcomb and Florju Designs "Eternity Masks" Embellishments: Florju Designs "Nature" Angie Briggs "Spring Sherbet" Fonts: Tw Cen MT, Tw Cen MT Condensed Photos: Rick Jennisch
  2. Celestine

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 5/18/19

    I agree with Dady above, it was hard to layer 8 papers, but it makes me do things I normally wouldn't and that is a GOOD thing. It is called a "Challenge" for a reason - LOL - you all like to make it tough on occasion. This photobook is eventually going to look so much more interesting because I am doing so many challenge pages with it. Thanks ScrapGirls! Here is Bridal Gown on Porch.
  3. Celestine


    aww. Pretty birdie. Pretty papers, too.
  4. Celestine

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    The destination images getting posted on this world tour thread are stunning, BTW. Had to show them to DH this morning. He was suitably impressed.
  5. Celestine

    World Tour_LO #7_Fairytale

    Very cool images layered on one another. It really looks like your daughter is looking down over the city.
  6. Celestine

    Nice > Promenade des Anglais

    This is gorgeous, with the geometry of the triangles superimposed on the softness of the waterfront.
  7. Celestine

    World Tour LO#7: Fairy Tale and Architecture

    This is beautiful! The altar "sketch" look and the blurring behind the kissing couple are exceptional.
  8. Celestine

    Lost Something?

    That is too adorable. What a great memory keeper.
  9. Celestine

    True Love's Kiss

    A naturally reclaimed industrial site turns into a fairy tale setting. Background: Coordinated solid Overlays Fill Paper: Angie Briggs "Love Notes" Overlays: Patty B Scraps "I Do" Sheila Reid "My Baptism Papers Kit" Embellishments: Designs by Helly "My Vow to You" Angie Briggs "You Are" KJD Designs "October Set" (recolored) Fonts: Pristina, Candara Light Photo: Rick Jennisch
  10. Celestine

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    When the fairy tale gauntlet was thrown down, I instantly thought of this series of photos from my daughter's wedding. Someone once said they thought the photos looked like a fairy tale, and it has stuck with me since. The architecture comes in as part of the photo - it is a 19th century steel and iron factory that has been abandoned and allowed to be naturally reclaimed since the 1950s. Note the walls along the sides that form an alley that goes for a long distance. It is now part of a bike and hike trail system. Here is True Love's Kiss.
  11. Celestine

    World Tour LO 7 - fairy tale-architecture

    What a fun story. The creased paper fits the layout so well.
  12. Celestine


    Wow. This is so pretty. I love your blending and title work.
  13. Celestine


    This is really lovely. I love all the blending you did, along with the brushes.
  14. Celestine

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Well, according Wikipedia, Corvin Castle was the high tech jail of its time, and it coincided with Vlad's lifespan - and he was supposedly jailed there - so it is entirely possible. Plus, you know, ghosts. So Dracula is a definite possibility, sleeping in the dungeons, coming out at night, roaming the halls, looking for tasty necks.
  15. Celestine

    Newsletter challenge

    Cool blending work! The puppy is cute.
  16. Celestine

    94° F, Muggy & Buggy

    Papers: Brandy Murry "Manmade" Angie Briggs "Spring Sherbet" Overlays: Marisa Lerin "Paper Templates Kit #103" Elif Sahin "Paper Templates No.10" Embellishments: Brandy Murry "Outdoor Life" Tami Miller Designs "Selfie" Angie Briggs "You Are" Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" Snickerdoodle Designs "Metamorphosis Masks" Janet Scott "Tools and Paint - Borders and Edges 01 Kit" Day Dream Designs "Tales from the Riverbank" Fonts: Ink Free, Santana Photo: Rick Jennisch
  17. Celestine

    Wedding Rings on Stripes

    Background & Papers: Celestine Sisk "Stacked Brush Strokes Paper" & "Vintage Rose Pattern Black and White" My Memories "Weddings" Embellishments: Sekada Designs "Make It Bloom" (recolored) Designer Duo "Spring Sherbet" Brandy Murry "Outdoor Life" (recolored) My Memories "Weddings" Kathryn Estry Designs "Oct 2018 Blog Train" Photo: Rick Jennisch
  18. Celestine

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Pool sounds great! Where are Tarzan and Superman when you need them to help with all that packing and loading?
  19. Celestine

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Here is my layout for white space and HOT - 94 F, Muggy & Buggy I have to say, using these prompts and molding the album pages that I am working on to fit them has been a lot of fun. I have no doubt these mini-challenges are pulling me in new directions, forcing me out of a layout rut. Thanks!
  20. Celestine

    Wedding Rings on Stripes

    Thanks. This was one of those LOs where I tussled back and forth, but couldn't get it to look right, so I set it aside and went out to do some gardening. The next day, I muted the colorful brushes and switched to a photo that would look good in black and white and it finally clicked. The B&W is so much better than my earlier draft. Just a pop of the gold seemed right.
  21. Celestine

    Wedding Rings on Stripes

    Thanks! I saw something similar on Pinterest once, although it was featuring watercolor flowers and not the background, but the boldness of the stripes just stuck with me, so I created my own paper from Marisa Lerin's brushes.
  22. Celestine


    A LO after my own heart! I love to read. A FB friend LOVES to post photos of unusual and mind-boggling libraries - both public and private. This reminds me of one of her jaw-dropping images! Great blending and title!
  23. Celestine


    Very pretty. I like your text running up the left side.
  24. Celestine


    Love this page! From the orange that plays off the flames to the flame blended in the background to the cool fonts you picked! Wow - that is HOT!