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  1. Becrafty100

    Dynamic Brushes

    Is there a way to know by the file name if a brush is dynamic?
  2. Becrafty100

    July recipe swap_Barbecued Prawns with chilli lime dressing

    This looks so good. Will have to try. Love the colors, fonts and photos on your card.
  3. Becrafty100

    July 2019 Recipe Swap S'Mores

    Love the way you used the graham crackers as your background and the torn edges and frame. Now I want some s'mores!
  4. Becrafty100

    Low Carb Rum and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

    I love the way it stays a little soft even after freezing overnight. The rum helps with that.
  5. Becrafty100

    Low Carb Rum and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

    Thank you! I love all the ice cream makers available these days. Always reminds me of the yummy ice cream my Mom used to make in the old crank churns.
  6. July 2019 Recipe Swap Ice Cream Recipe