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  1. Thank you Valerie. Waving madly backatcha!
  2. Hi Marie.....another fellow Brit!! Thank you for your welcome. I am beginning to feel like one of the gang already. And I am beginning to understand what a great gang this is to belong to.
  3. Thank you for your welcome, ladies! I can (at last) see a a good use for the preview files....hurrah! I think I shall put all the previews into a separate folder, which I can then browse through, to select the kit I wish to work with. I am sure that once I get into the swing of things and remember to actually look at them they will be of great help. Thank you everyone for your help and the very warm welcome.
  4. kiwiwannabe

    Julie Andrews

    Brilliant.....just brilliant!
  5. Hi Englishrose I was in Maldon, Essex only this last weekend!! I had never visited there before and had a great time. As 3 of my children live in Essex, I usually just visit them and seldom get to see the surrounding areas!! I was born and raised just 5 miles from Ely, so I’m a true Fen Tiger. Thank you for your welcome.
  6. Thank you all, for your warm welcome, and replies to my question. I use Windows 10 to organise my supplies and PSE to play with them. I also put my supplies into folders with sub folders inside those for the various pieces and parts of the collection. View icons!!! I am off to find this elusive piece of technological wizardry forthwith. Thank again everyone.
  7. I am from a small town in the middle of the fens in Cambridgeshire. I have the biggest skies right outside my window and I love it. Mum of 5, Grandma to 6 and expectant Great Grandma of 1 this December so I have plenty of photography subjects to document. I have been a digital scrapper for about 2 years now, after many, many years as a paper scrapper. I am really enjoying it, especially all the techniques you can do and love learning new ones. However, I am still completely puzzled by one thing. Many of my digital kits come with preview.jpg thumbnails and also folder.jpgs thumbnails. What is the difference and how are they used? At present I am just ignoring them both, but figure that there must be a reason why the designers include them in a kit, but I am clueless as to the why, or what to do with them. If anyone can clue me in I would be very gratefull!
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