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  1. Yes, like so many of you have commented, it's been a challenge (hence the challenge name "Project Life 2020") keeping up when things haven't really changed from week to week. But hey, we're all still hanging in there no matter how far behind we are. GOOD FOR US, right? Angie, congrats on getting your son moved into his dorm. He's going to love college! As I have missed your creative posts, I know you've been spending valuable time being a mom and getting your kids off to the next life's adventure. And Mikelle, you're plowing ahead and I love what you've chosen to do for your layouts. As for me, I've gone a little off script just to have something to put together. Ha! Ha! Blessings everyone and keep on scrappin'! Here is Week 25: Unique Houses and Week 26: Red White Blue
  2. A beautiful page! I love the font and the colors - very creative! Hang in there! I'm behind too but the year isn't over yet.
  3. OK, I'm going a bit off script but I couldn't help including these pictures that my son took of mornings on the golf course. (He works there and is able to witness the beautiful sunrises.) God is good...all the time! Blessings! Week 24: Mornings on the Golf Course
  4. OK, so I'm working hard to get caught up and failing. Ha! Ha! Hope everyone is having a great summer! Even though it's been crazy, the time is flying by. Sending you many blessings! Week 22: water and Week 23: shapes
  5. Yikes, I'm a month behind but maybe with this heat wave we're having in Minnesota I can get a few more weeks accomplished. Hope everyone is well and I wish you all a Happy 4th of July! Here's my Week 21: Nature
  6. LOVE IT! Your technology pics are wonderful! Very creative!
  7. Stephanie H.


    Awesome that they found a way to celebrate that milestone. Great layout and pics. (By the way, the U of Minnesota is my Alma Mater - Go Gophers!)
  8. Happy Almost Summer, Everyone! It's great to have warmer temperatures and sunny days. Hope all is well and you're able to get out more. (Stay safe when you do.) Here is my Week 20: Flowers
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