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  1. Hi! I am trying to watch the video on Blending Techniques by Brandy Murry but, Not finding the link? Is there one? Thank you, Sue in MN
  2. Hi ! I want to use a blender/mask on a photo. What is an easy online photo program that I can use? Thank you, Sue in MN
  3. Good Morning ! Thank you Angleigh ! I was wondering if I had found them elsewhere ! Still very happy with my purchase, though. Sue in MN
  4. MariJ ! Thank you for your help! I did purchase the Coastal Collection Biggie last night, thinking that all of the elements were in it, but the weathered frame and the wheat are not there. I was wondering if they were from a different collection of Brandy's. I do LOVE this biggie collection ! Sue in MN
  5. Hi! Back to scrapbooking after taking a break ! Loving it! I found some of the elements on this layout in my files from Coastal Biggie by Brandi Murray from years ago. However, I am not finding the weathered frame or the, what looks like, wheat sheaths on the left side of the frame. Does anyone know if this kit is still available? Thank you, Sue in MN
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