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  1. KTB

    Baby Bo

    How did you do that? It is gorgeous! Do you know where I can find instructions!
  2. KTB


    They look so happy to be together!
  3. KTB

    TNL Closeup Re-Do.jpg

    I just love your photo!
  4. Can you invite me next year???
  5. I LOVE IT!!! What beautifully designed pumpkins. What did you use to get the photos so lovely layered?
  6. KTB

    Deb LO.png

    Do the photo masks go on top or underneath a photo? I forgot.
  7. KTB

    Deb LO.png

    Thank you! I'll try a mask!
  8. KTB

    Deb LO.png

    I need help! I need something to go along the top and obscure those edges. Other than that I really love it!
  9. I used Tami Miller's October Eve Collection. The embellishments and papers work beautifully together.
  10. KTB

    Glorious Autumn

    The borders are quite nice. Beautiful shot!
  11. Such a very cool layout. I LOVE it!
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