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  1. Your photos are stunning! Where were they taken?
  2. I find that my PSE wants to either crash or I just have to force quit it. It is like it has a mind of its own. If I have just started up it won't give me any sort of problem. Any idea why this happens and how to avoid any interference?
  3. KTB

    Buddy Cat

    Aw, what a lovely tender tribute to Bud, the Cat! He's sweet! So is your layout. I really like the layering. I'm off to buy "Black Cat Fever"...
  4. KTB

    Little Witchy

    That is REALLY VERY nice!!! I was going to buy this design but backed out and just got the alphas. Now for SURE I am going to get it!!!
  5. KTB

    Featuring: Sunny Reflections

    Laura, that's beautiful!!! She yours?
  6. KTB


    Miley likes to get his photo taken. Nicely done.
  7. KTB

    Asters Bloom

    Gorgeous flowers!!! Did you take that shot? Awesome! Attractive LO.
  8. KTB

    Baby Bo

    How did you do that? It is gorgeous! Do you know where I can find instructions!
  9. They look so happy to be together!
  10. Can you invite me next year???
  11. I LOVE IT!!! What beautifully designed pumpkins. What did you use to get the photos so lovely layered?
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