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  1. Sign me up please: I have more time this month to complete the challenges, as last month I came in on the end of it all.
  2. I'm saving my spot here.
  3. I guess I didn't make it. It's a start though, I hope to make them all this month which is now August.
  4. I'm in for a good time, please sign me up: 1. Wild Card Challenge:
  5. Here is one of them: I just need to get used to what & how to do things around here. I wanted to post this to a challenge, however realized the challenge I wanted to post it to, is long past: so I just posted it to my gallery:
  6. Looks like a worthwhile challenge to take up, especially since I've finally gotten my PSP 9 to work: I'm so happy!!
  7. Kre8

    By the Sea

    Awesome: I miss hanging out @ the sea. Lovely LO
  8. Thx. I've been finding it hard to work with my new program. For some reason, I tried to add my PSP-9 to my computer & It wasn't working. I just tried to add it today, & it appears, that I'll be able to get it to work. So, now I'll be able to come & play!! Is there any freebies, for me to start out with?
  9. Kre8

    New Dad

    Sweet Picture & LO
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