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  1. artana.85


    love this layout 😍
  2. artana.85

    kwiecien 2020.jpg

    I do them every month, print and insert to album. For my kids I have done Project Life style albums from the first 12 months of they lifes. It's the best memory keeping. And they liked it very much.
  3. artana.85

    kwiecien 2020.jpg

    that's my April's Project Life page. It's about our Easter celebration in the terms of Coronavirus lockdown.
  4. artana.85

    layout png.png

    thank you
  5. artana.85

    layout png.png

    Thank you. This is my first digital layout.
  6. artana.85

    layout png.png

    she is the daddy's girl 😉
  7. Hi, You are right English is not my first language 😊 I am Polish but 12 years ago I came to England and for now I live there with my husband and two kids in a small town called Swadlincote.
  8. Hello form rainy UK. I am new to digital scrapbooking but since 2009 I used to physical scrapbook. I really looking forward to learn new things.
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