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  1. Re-reading Felix Palma - The Map of Time The book is actually three stories, a mix of time travel, science fiction, Victorian London, and filled with several real historical figures. Some people I know found it boring, but I really like the descriptions and exposition.
  2. Ladies, sorry to revive this - but I'm looking for a paper cutter that can handle glossy photo paper. I've asked this on the other forum previously since I have a project that I plan to finish when the quarantine is over. I planned to cut my photos with utility knife on a mat, but because of glossy cover I get uneven borders (even though it's sharp, maybe I'm pressing too hard or not enough?). So I plan to switch to guillotine type cutter. Is there anyone who use Befacai or Dahle as a trimmer succesfully? Which option might be better? I appreciate any help you can provide, girls, so thank
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