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  1. Tuesday 8.2.22 challenge - Mood board
  2. Fabulous challenge, love mood boards, I was inspired by the colors, here's my take on the challenge.
  3. Layout created using Field Of Wildflowers by Aimee Harrison. Template freebie by LDrag Designs. Own private photo.
  4. Count me in, this sounds interesting, and I love learning new things.
  5. Bea dear, thank you so much for hosting, a pity I had troubles with the lightnings, some personal issues, and migraines, so I didn't complete the game, but I enjoyed so much. Wishing you a very beautiful August dear lady!
  6. Congrats dear ladies! so glad for you
  7. Welcome! so glad you are here
  8. Happy August! Please sign me up my dear.
  9. Yummy! love cranberries, they really add a great taste to the salads. I'm gonna give it a try to this recipe, thank you so much for sharing my dear!
  10. This is one of my very faves, since I went keto, but I've make them straight on the pan, nice to get the directions to make them in microwave, thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful card!
  11. Beautiful card design, love the coriander leaves at the bottom and the cute title work, brilliantly done!
  12. Delicious! love the card design, your photo and the basil leaves next to the plate, brilliantly done
  13. GraceJ

    Pineapple Raisin Slaw

    Love your card and this recipe is one of my very faves, we do in home pretty often, with difference that I use middle cup of mayo, middle cup of cream and two spoons milk. I love that this salad goes well with everything.
  14. Yummy! I'm gonna give a try to this one, I really love veggies. Thank you so much for sharing!
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