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  1. Super cute page! lovve the extracted photo and the use of the trees, so cute
  2. Super cute page! beautiful girl and delicious gingerbread house
  3. What a beautiful tree! love the use of the mask and the scatter.
  4. GraceJ


    Gorgeous! love the vintage vibe
  5. I love the camping scene you have created, so cute
  6. I've never played before this game, sounds like fun, count me in please
  7. Happy December my dear! I'm in Week 1 (11/29-5) Week 2 (12/6-12) Week 3 (12/13-19) Week 4 (12/20-26) Week 5 (12/27-3)
  8. Happy December! I'm in 1.lights 2.plaid background 3.Do a Tuesday Challenge 4.hanging 5.the perfect tree 6.huge title 7.moment 8.piled photo 9.out the window 10.red/green 11.family 12.baking 13.FREE 14.joy 15.Santa 16.ornaments 17.sweet 18.3 fonts 19.leave love on 15 layouts 19.1. 19.2. 19.3. 19.4. 19.5. 19.6. 19.7. 19.8. 19.9. 19.10. 19.11. 19.12. 19.13. 19.14. 19.15. 20.black and white 21.reflection 22.morning 23.presents 24.holiday movie 25.glitter
  9. Wonderful topic and recipes, I'm personally interesting in this topic, since I'm collecting new ideas for Christmas dinner. Here's one from me, this is our favorite casserole.
  10. Gorgoeus chart! I love how you used the silhouettes, and elements, so pretty!
  11. Woohoo! awesome, thank YOU so much!! congrats to all the winners
  12. So beautiful stuff! love all what I see
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