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  1. GraceJ

    MM Week 3 web.jpg

    Sounds like a lot of fun! love the bird at the top of the photo. Great use of the papers and nice title work.
  2. What a treasure! you are so lucky! I really like the border and the masculine vibe, so pretty page!
  3. GraceJ

    MM_week 3

    Gorgeous photo and page! love the border and photo treatment.
  4. What a pretty page! love your beautiful clustering and title work.
  5. I really like your photos and the blend in the background.
  6. GraceJ

    Week 3 Machines

    I really love how you created the border, pretty clustering and the photo priceless
  7. I really love this week's instructions, thank you so much for hosting, here's my take for this week. Nice Sunday evening!
  8. GraceJ

    MM week 3

    Layout created using My Kind Of Crazy Collection by Aimee Harrison Designs. Fonts used Berylium and Playfair.
  9. GraceJ

    Best friends

    Thank you so much dear ladies ❤️
  10. What a powerful page, you captured so well the emotions.
  11. GraceJ

    Slowscrap 2

    Beautiful page and photo series. I really like the horizontal layering and the use of the swirls and burst, so pretty!
  12. Awesome challenge, so much fun. Here's my take on the challenge for the 2nd week. Wishing you a wonderful day!
  13. GraceJ

    Best friends

    Layout created using: Shinyuu by Aimee Harrison Designs Shinyuu glitters by Aimee Harrison Designs Brush freebie by Alexis Studio Fonts used: Folks bold and Great vibes.
  14. Happy Birthday dear @Mikellehope it was a good one This sounds like fun, working on my page right now and trying to catch up, thank you so much for hosting dear sweet lady.
  15. Love chocolate, thank you so much for another great month my dear ❤️ , here's mine. Nice March everyone!!
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