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  1. Thank you ladies! I'm great. We think we've got it licked.
  2. OK, Trying again. Not sure I'm doing this right yet. I didn't see a link to copy unless it is the thing that says Simplicity.jpg? If that's right, then the link should be here.
  3. I did have trouble getting it to link, so I'll bet you I did it wrong. What's the right way?
  4. Well, now I think I posted that in the wrong place. Nevertheless here is my week 40 layout (I hope I counted the weeks right!)
  5. This looks like a fun challenge and I wish I had been here to start in January! I am going to jump in where we are if that's OK and try to finish out the year with the weekly prompts. One of the most challenging things I face is what to scrap about so maybe this will help. Thanks,
  6. Hi! I'm Annie. I live in Salt Lake City and used to scrap a lot. But, my computer crashed and I couldn't afford to buy a new one right away so I kind of involuntarily left the scrapping world. But I'm back now and enjoying it very much. Looking forward to getting involved in the community again.
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