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  1. I'm in!


    Week 1
    1st September  - Playing with Leaves
    2nd September- Forever Joy
    3rd September - Photography challenge - Create a layout using a photo of your garden.
    4th September - Crisp Days
    Week 2

    6th September - Angel Wings

    7th September - Quietness of Leaves Changing

    8th September - Earth Challenge - Create a layout about earth/dirt/mud.

    9th September - Button it - Use two or more buttons on your layout.

    10th September - Photography challenge - Create a layout using a photo of flowers.

    11th September - Things End, Memories Last

    Week 3

    13th September - Autumn Colors
    14th September - Wild animals - Create a layout showcasing a wild animal of your choice.
    15th September - Embellishment challenge - Use something wooden on your layout.
    16th September - Remember When
    17th September - Stitch it - Create a layout with some stitching somewhere on your layout.
    18th September - Autumn Landscape



  2. On 8/9/2021 at 11:52 AM, April Showers said:

    The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated.  As always, let me know if I've mixed something up or missed one of your layouts.

    I think I have a couple missing. :(  


    Already submitted. Only got credit for two of them:

    Monthly Challenge #1 Reflection

    Monthly Challenge #2 Make it Big:  Hide and Seek.

    Tuesday (8/3) challenge: Imagination

    Weekend Challenge (8/7):  Sweet Memories


    Now, I am adding my last two - giving me six in total:

    Monthly Challenge #3:  Duplicate

    Monthly Challenge #4: One Word

    This should be my 6, unless there was an issue with a layout that I am not aware of.


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