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  1. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 45

    @MariJ - I'm not ashamed to say it. I'm 39 years old and I use the shower chair to this day. It is one of the energy conservation techniques both Occupational and Respiratory recommend. I also sit on the toilet seat while brushing my teeth. Standing is a waste of energy... when our energy is so precious and limited why not spend in on something better.
  2. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 45

    @MariJ - My mom was smart enough to use the wheelchair to "carry" the tanks up to the apartment. @Celestine and @Florida granny - Got my homework assignment. Well the first thing I wanted to do that night was take a shower. I hadn't had a shower since February 17th. That involved me sitting in the chair while my sister washed my hair and helped me wash myself off. Oh how I had missed running water. They got me in a robe to dry off a bit. Then I got in my PJs and climbed into bed. I then proceeded to fall over face first. It was just into bedding and pillows but my mom and si
  3. The seagulls feel like they are flying off the page. It is a great layout.
  4. BarbieB

    JJ Week 2

    Wow. This is just amazing. The blending is perfect.
  5. BarbieB

    Ice Spectacle

    I like how the text flows like figure skating
  6. BarbieB

    Feeling Frosty

    I love how the background coordinates with the snowsuit 🙂
  7. This actually looks like something I could do. I always like making my own soup. Canned soups are so salty. The little chicken is adorable.
  8. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 44

    Thank you all. Doubly exciting because I was able to wash my hands in a sink... as opposed to hand sanitizer and wipes 🙂
  9. I know the feeling Nikki! 😉😂
  10. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 43

    I don't know why...but I thought for some reason the colors I was seeing under my bandages on my arm weren't my arm. It was only after the bandages came off that I realized the colors were my arm. Almost 6 weeks of IVs...
  11. BarbieB

    Grandmas's Postcards

    The layout is gorgeous. Love all the different post cards she collected.
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