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  1. So beautiful. It is like a galaxy.
  2. Thank you all for the compliments on my head bands. So everyone in my support group said the hair loss would stop after a couple of months and it did. But then they increased my meds in the fall... It's been falling out like crazy again since... I'm hopeful it will stop again. But my stylist is ready to give me a pixie when it becomes necessary. @Celestine - So I've been busy which is why I haven't posted lately. I have a job! I started back to work on February 28. Just a little over year of. I was worried that a 40 hour a week job plus keeping up with my exercises might be too muc
  3. BarbieB


    What a great photo. You did a great job extracting it as well. 🙂
  4. Amazing!! The distressed photo - gorgeous. I love the beads.
  5. BarbieB


    I love that the embellishments look like they belong with the actual piece of embroidery.
  6. What a cool story and amazing that the chandelier has survived all of those moves intact!
  7. BarbieB

    Six Flags

    I love Scooby Doo! It's a great page. The colors work perfectly with the Mystery Machine
  8. BarbieB

    My flower

    So pretty and sweet. Dreaming of Spring.
  9. @MariJ - me too...I did see the daffodils starting to pop up. We are getting closer
  10. Thank you both. Aren't tulips the best? They just make everything so bright and happy.
  11. I love the rope and clothespins. The seagulls are great too.
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