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  1. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 15

    Thank you both for your comments. Yes, I think my sister being there for the weekend just really helped me feel better even if clinically I wasn't actually getting better.
  2. Just used this layout myself Love the colors and photos
  3. BarbieB

    Only Sorrow

    Beautiful and moving
  4. BarbieB

    Pumpkin Patch

    Beautiful papers and layout Such a cute photo
  5. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 14

    15 COVID tests including one just last Tuesday as part of a pre-procedure requirement (not because I was feeling ill) and 4 antibody tests... still no COVID. I just had the very unfortunate luck of developing a respiratory illness in the middle of a global respiratory pandemic.
  6. Love the fun vibrant colors that match the hat and vest.
  7. That's so sad but this page is a beautiful way to remember them.
  8. Agree with everyone else. The blended background, barbed wire, and burlap are great.
  9. Everything about this just brings a smile
  10. Love it all. The "cardboard", the folder tab, the book, and the lettering.
  11. BarbieB

    Hospital Page 13

    Thank you all. Some days I took better notes than others. There are some days when I'm in procedures or otherwise busy that I didn't take as many notes on days when I was some what bored.
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