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  1. Fantastic job!! Love the grungy, mixed media look! Great placement of all the elements - perfect amount too (I never know when to stop)!!
  2. Amy D

    Nashville IN

    Love how you altered the pic - so artsy!!
  3. Amy D


    Not my house but the one for sale next door that would be perfect for me! Sweater Weather Masks by Tami Miller, Bohemian Bliss by Veronica Sprigs, Simplify by Angie Briggs.
  4. Yes - beautiful way to add color to your projects but the COPIC brand is the most expensive type of alcohol marker!! I haven't. tried the Copic brand yet because of this. I have tried 3 other brands though: Arteza Everblends - sometimes splotchy color (most likely due to user error), dual tips, brush end is stiff Blick - great even color & dries smooth, dual tips, brush end is soft & flexible. Art Marker - (bought at craft store that no longer exists) dual tips, not a HUGE variety of color, brush end stiff, doesn't blend easily. Hope that helps - there are a lot mor
  5. Thanks everyone!! I found a few tutorials on YouTube but I like the idea of using the templates mentioned above way more!
  6. Amy D

    The Apple of My Eye

    Fantastic! Love those soft colors - did you make the banner?
  7. Is there a tutorial on how to curl the edges of pages or photos? I seem to recall learning this skill here a LONG time ago - & of course I forgot ... I searched but found nothing - but I didn't scroll through all 13 pages either!! lol
  8. Amy D


    Created with the September SS Club: Fabulous Finishers and Million Little Things.
  9. Amy D


    Still learning here & I think this would be a good place to post my crazy layouts that don't fit in other categories!
  10. Thanks, yes - now she is the Editor of The Starkville Daily News!! So proud of her!!
  11. Amy D


    Thanks - yes isn't that fancy lace perfect for a simple, rough housing pup!! I clipped a red watercolor paper I had to the mask & then after adding a filter to the pic, I made another clip of the same mask copied ... There may be an easier way - I just don't remember all the short cuts! Silly of me - my daughter USUALLY likes all the layouts I do!
  12. Thanks everyone!! I forgot how to get & attach blinkies - I'm sure there are instructions on how to do that - I just have to find them! lol
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