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  1. Thanks, yes - now she is the Editor of The Starkville Daily News!! So proud of her!!
  2. Amy D


    Thanks - yes isn't that fancy lace perfect for a simple, rough housing pup!! I clipped a red watercolor paper I had to the mask & then after adding a filter to the pic, I made another clip of the same mask copied ... There may be an easier way - I just don't remember all the short cuts! Silly of me - my daughter USUALLY likes all the layouts I do!
  3. Thanks everyone!! I forgot how to get & attach blinkies - I'm sure there are instructions on how to do that - I just have to find them! lol
  4. Hi there everyone! I'm back after 10 years away ... crashed 2 hard drives last time - but I'm prepared this time with 2 EHDs that have 6TB between them! ROFLOL, also - now I am my own boss & don't have to be at the office or school early in the morning!!! Whew - it's a challenge getting things to look the way I WANT - as I'm having to re-learn everything AND I use Photopea right now (not Photoshop - which I was VERY familiar with) Looking forward to meeting y'all! Amy
  5. Love the boots & the colors used - your LO is gorgeous! Very soft & feminine
  6. Amy D

    Coburn Kids.jpeg

    Borrowing my former student's babies until I have grandkids of my own!

    © Allie Coburn

  7. Amy D

    Lesie & son.jpeg

    Used Autumn Blessings by Ginny Whitcomb & Rustic Reflections by - I can't remember, sorry ... This is my former student & his newest - I don't have any grandbabies yet so I borrow my former student's! This was my 1st LO attempt after 10 years of being away, so I'll get better (hopefully)

    © Allie Coburn

  8. Amy D


    I bought this kit with this very pic in mind! I hope my daughter likes the result, bc I had a time figuring out how to do things I forgot - lol

    © Jessica Lindsey

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