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  1. Amy D

    LC hurt and healing

    Perfect page and tribute to a treasured friend.
  2. Amy D


    Aww - the best of times!
  3. Love the messy stitches around the nest!
  4. Congrats ladies, so fun to ogle at you LOs!
  5. #7 - the Weekly Newsletter for 8/9: Stay Cool
  6. Creative Soul and Backroads by ABR, SS Tools: Shadow Styles and Art Paper Textures by SNU
  7. Oops, I have completed 6 LO. WE Wildcard Challenge: Opportunity
  8. Great job!That red in your LO plays off the red in the photo
  9. What a great kit & way to incorporate MANY photos in one page!
  10. I really like that you can read your journaling and that it's not on a busy BG! Great patterns and color combo
  11. Amy D

    One Month Old

    Precious - I love the color combo and clusters!
  12. Great job! I love the blended tree, it fits very organically with your paper. So cool framing the color part of your photo
  13. I love the texture coming through on you paper!
  14. Oops! - Curled an Torn Frames by SNU
  15. You can Fly by CarolW Designs, Aged Necessities Papers by GWH, Grunge Alpha by ABR, Open Doors by BHS, SS Tools: Shadow Styles by SNU
  16. My one word: Oppurtunity - & Geesh - I misspelled it!!! lol ... guess I should correct it!
  17. Love the blue! Perfect kit for your fun photos
  18. Great main photo and cute embellishments!
  19. Amy D

    Stay Sweet

    Sunny Day by CarolW Designs, Bohemian Bliss by VJS, SS Tools: Shadow Styles by SNU
  20. Great job! I love the full page photo - Memphis or Arkansas? Did you know Tina Turner is from right up the road from Memphis?
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