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  1. I'm getting very, Very, VERY excited about the new month starting soon ;)

    1. GraceJ


      I can't believe soon will be July, time goes by such way fast!

  2. Chere and I teamed up for a new release this week
  3. That was a good book! One of those where I spent the majority of the story thinking "yep, I've got this all figured out", and then BAM! A curve I didn't see coming threw everything for a loop and I couldn't read fast enough! Hope you enjoy it! Also, the Netflix movie was good!
  4. It was EXACTLY the book I needed to read, and this was EXACTLY the time I needed to read it.
  5. Yeah...my To Read list (as well as the INSANE number of emails in my mailbox of book suggestions and book deals) -- I'll never get through all the books I want to read, lol. I'll have to check out Wish You Were Here -- I've read a few of Jodi's books, and am a huge fan of her writing.
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