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  1. Please sign me up and thanks for doing this!
  2. Created for the Tuesday Challenge July 19th.
  3. Thanks for the challenge! These pics of my Grands and their popsicles where perfect to complete the challenge.
  4. Sweet Treats 7-18-22 Journaling: Nothing goes together better than hot summer days and popsicles. Calvin & Rosie had fun playing in the pool and then we took a break to sit in the shade in the backyard and have a sweet treat. • All created in Affinity Photo & Publisher for desktop Credits: • Kit: Stay Cool by Aimee Harrison Designs
  5. This was created for the July Monthly Challenge #4 Like or Dislike.
  6. This was created for the #4 Love or dislike challenge and it was definitely not something I liked!
  7. Raccoon Trouble 7-14-22 Journaling: On the morning of July 14th, as I was sitting on the couch in the TV room, I looked out toward the bird feeder and noticed that the top of the cement bird bath was knocked off and tipped upside down in the dirt. I went out to see if I could put it back but realized it was very heavy and I was also quite startled when I pulled back the ornamental grass in front of it, to find a tail sticking out from underneath it!! Somehow a raccoon had managed to tip the top of the birdbath over on top of itself and was trapped. I was surprised to find it still alive and
  8. This is great and shows a nice passage of time. I like how you laid out your photos around the journaling area.
  9. Wow! This was a nice surprise! Thanks so much, sending an e-mail shortly. Congrats also to @Belle!
  10. 7-5-22 Newsletter Challenge
  11. Thanks for the challenge. I hope this is enough stitching to make it quilt like.
  12. Dream On Calvin 8-2-21 • All created in Affinity Photo & Publisher for desktop Credits: • Kit: Lavender Dreams by Chere Kaye Designs • Stitching by Allison Pennington & Connie Prince
  13. Many or One July Challenge:
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