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  1. Hoping to actually get finished this month Here is my first one - 9/13 weekly newsletter challenge
  2. • This is Us Collection Biggie | Blue Heart Scraps | http://store.scrapgirls.com/This-Is-Us-Collection-Biggie.html • All Stacked Up Template Pack | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3dutENa (Combined 2 templates)
  3. Here is my challenge 1 swim spot
  4. August Challenge Swim Spot • One Last Dip Collection | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3QS60J5 • Too Hexy For You Template Pack | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3pmrF0M
  5. Finally getting a chance to jump into challenges - its a been a month ? lol but looking up now Here's a newsletter challenge
  6. Cooling off and recouping after spending a weekend playing soccer in the summer heat for a tournament (4 games in 100+ degrees heat) includes lots of reading time in the ac for this kiddo. Love that he's my bookworm (he still enjoys his video games and movies but will stay up past bedtime reading more often than anything else)
  7. Best way to cool down and recoup after being in the summer heat for this guy is curling up with some good books - he is my bookworm through and through • Between the Covers Collection | Blue Heart Scraps & Chere Kaye Designs | https://bit.ly/3pwxzfm • All Stacked Up Template Pack | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3dutENa
  8. Oh this sounds like a great month of challenges and learning. Blending modes are one of my favorite tools and have been experimenting with blend if lately (splitting the little triangle shapes on the blending layer in PS CC and moving them so they blend if dark or light with what's on top or bottom)
  9. Here is mine - another soccer page lol
  10. wvufan04

    Game 2

    • Feeling Good Templates | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3B6JLKM • Batter Up Value Pack | Blue Heart Scraps | https://bit.ly/3J96Tc4
  11. #6 for me - July 12 newsletter challenge
  12. Here is my corner to corner
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