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  1. As a newbie, thank you for the cute blinkie and the instructions!
  2. Although I have purchased from the store for a while, I have never really participated much so I just wanted to say hello as I am learning my way around the forum and gallery HELLO
  3. GrannyNKy

    Yum Yum Yum

    My Granddaughter loves spending time in the kitchen with me when she visits. She made grill cheese sandwiches for our supper and she made a dirt cake. She has ate enough mint flavored oreos, cool whip and cream cheese while making that the dirt cake itself will probably have to wait for her to take home and share with her Daddy and sisters. Find Peace Value Pack by Aimee Harrison Designs
  4. After a busy day, Bristol is relaxing watching one of her favorite shows in her favorite place at Granny's, at my computer. Find Peace Value Pack by Aimee Harrison Designs
  5. March 30th was 'Take a walk in the park day' and my brother saw lots of ducks and geese oh his last walk in the park! Splish Splash Value Pack by Aimee Harrison Designs and Chere Kaye Designs; april 2022 ALFLT blogtrain template by Cindy Ritter
  6. I an new but I would I love to participate with the challenges so please add me
  7. GrannyNKy


    Seedlings Mini Kit by Aimee Harrison Designs
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