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  1. Congratulations ladies. Beautiful layouts.
  2. Beautiful layout and great journaling. Really like your background layers. Lovely color palette.
  3. Wow! Groovy layout. Great embellishments and great background. You captured the 70's perfectly.
  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful layout. Really the layered photos and word art.
  5. Really like the frame and mask combination. Great background and great word art. Beautiful photo.
  6. Agree with @A-M additionally, I like Gal instead of Girl. The titles are cute but unfortunately, they do not inspire or motivate me. It is a cute concept. I enjoy Scrap Girls because of its super friendly forum and gallery inspiration and affordable digital scrapbook kits. The forum games are fun, and I have learned a lot.
  7. Congratulations ladies. Gorgeous layouts.
  8. Wow! Thank you and congratulations to all the winners.
  9. H Keith


    Really like this journaling card layout. Great composition and cute embellishments. Really like the photo effect. Adorable photo.
  10. H Keith

    Texas Walkabout

    Awesome layout. Great photo arrangement and photo frames. Really like your embellishments and word art.
  11. H Keith

    Georgie girl

    Awesome photo arrangement. Really like the photo strip and word art. Great photos and cute embellishments.
  12. Love this Hocus Pocus page. Great photos and great photo arrangement. Really like your word art and journaling.
  13. Left some love on all these fabulous layouts. 1, newsletter challenge 2. newsletter challenge 3. newsletter challenge 4. member gallery 5. member gallery 6. scrap girls creative team 7. scrap girls creative team 8. scrap girls creative team 9. scrap girls creative team 10. scrap girls creative team
  14. Beautiful masking and great blending. Really like the embellishment cluster and patterned background paper.
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