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  1. What a cute card! Some lucky girl will absolutely love it!!
  2. Wow! What an interesting place to go to. Like your photos allot and how you blended the background one.
  3. I am glad you got the pics, very impressive!!!
  4. The framing is fantastic, colors are so rich with the soft background- i want to copy it!
  5. Alexi


    This is so cute! the ephemera looks really sharp with your photo- and the rich colors add to it too.
  6. Alexi

    Het Zwin

    nice LO!!!
  7. i like green look to it Great job!
  8. Alexi

    All Smiles

    so CUTE!!🙂
  9. My Dad took me to see the bee and it was SO fun.🙂 Thanks for any comments.
  10. Alexi


    I used the blush kit I had so much fun making the LO!!!
  11. Alexi

    A day at the beach!

    Alexi made this all by herself and never asked me for any advice! She is a real scrap girl!!
  12. Alexi

    A day at the beach!

    I used fisherman wharf This photo was taken at long beach WA and it was fun to play in the water.
  13. GWA summer reverie I am reading to my grandma because she can no longer read since her Alzheimer's has gotten bad.
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