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  1. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Sports-Baseball-Collection.htmlConnie Prince- Life Chronicled Christmas Miss Fish Templates- Focus Group Winter
  2. Love your page composition and the photo series.
  3. Miss Fish Templates- Artsy Blocks Template Bundle 19-22_21_04 http://store.scrapgirls.com/Artsy-Blocks-21-Templates-by-Miss-Fish.html Connie Prince- Sports: Baseball Bundle http://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Sports-Baseball.html
  4. My rich text is grayed out. m
  5. msbrad

    Autumn Beauty

    This looks awesome! Love the photo blended into the background and the pop of the focus photo part- frames. The Newsprint bg paper is a fabulous compliment to your page.
  6. Love how the journaling is placed in this awesome title. What a sweet page.
  7. Check to see if all caps is checked off in the text box. It might be within the character and paragraph block on the option bar. m
  8. I just tried my first upload page to the gallery. I am hoping it is correct. However, I am not seeing the gallery credits I listed. It should have a kit by Aimee Harrison Designs and a template by Miss Fish Designs. Also I placed in member galleries, as I didn't know how to link to the designer gallery. Thank you for any assistance. m
  9. msbrad


    credits: Aimee Harrison Designs- It's Sew Mice- Value Pack Miss Fish Templates- List It
  10. Happy Friday- I cannot remember if I posted a hello here or not. I'm Michelle, aka- msbrad, michi or m and been around digi since I think right click was invented on the computer. Love digital scrapbooking. My pages are my life with husband Bill, daughters/ sons in law and the g'kiddo's. I enjoy many additional hobbies such as traveling, sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery. m
  11. I'm excited for you here. Your templates are awesome! m
  12. Super capture of the squirrel looking right at you! I love the combination of papers.
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