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  1. Hi Dave! Welcome Back!! Angie has a photography challenge now that might interest you. You can find them in the Challenges Forum.
  2. CRS

    Project Life 2022

    Here is my March. I'm playing catch up again.
  3. CRS

    March 2022

    LLO_PhotoFrenzyMar_Template AJA_Sunny, Everyday Moments, Spring Meadows, Blossom Fonts: Lumberjack, Arcon
  4. Here is mine, a recipe my mom used to make all the time. Creme De Menthe
  5. CRS

    April Recipe Swap

    My mom made this when I was growing up and it is so moist. MPE_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCard4 MPE_GourmetKitchen Font: Arcon
  6. I am so sorry this happened to you. But it's a good reminder for us to scrap our stories, bad ones included. I really hope you never have to experience something like this again!
  7. CRS

    Project Life 2022

    Here is February. Now I'm caught up until April 1st. Yes, I'll enjoy the 1 day of being caught up, lol!
  8. CRS

    February 2022

    Now I'm caught up for at least 1 day, lol! Laura Louie Photo Frenzy March Templates Aja Fillmore Creations Fallen, Everyday Moments Fonts: Lumberjack, Arcon
  9. This is a family favorite, usually with broccoli and rice or some sort of potato. Parmesan Crusted Ranch Mayo Chicken
  10. CRS

    March Recipe Swap

    This is a family favorite. I usually make broccoli and rice/potatoes of some sort with it. Marlene Peacock Gourmet Kitchen Recipe Card 18 Kimeric Creations Good Eats Font: Arcon
  11. CRS

    Project Life 2022

    I finally finished 2021! So I'm starting 2022. I'm doing a double page spread for each month. January 2022
  12. CRS


    Brooke took a lot of the snow photos for this page! Laura Louie Photo Frenzy Jan Templates Aja Fillmore Creations Sunny Just Jaimee Snowflakes December Storyteller 2021 Fonts: Lumberjack, Arcon
  13. CRS

    Avocado Bisque

    This sounds perfect for a hot summer day! I love the background paper and the colors!
  14. I'll definitely have to try this one! Your card is so pretty! I especially like the silhouette and recipe from mother.
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