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  1. CRS

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    In your blended photo, there are some blue banners hanging..one says theater, the other says science center. There are some cool things to look at through the windows and on the side walk. Wish I could have met you at the museum!
  2. Glad you got it figured out!
  3. CRS

    Save The Date June 26-30

    We'll miss you Jane!
  4. CRS

    Weekly Winners - June 11th

    Congratulations! Beautiful layouts!
  5. CRS

    Week 23

    What a cute kitten! Love the monkey butt powder! The names those companies come up with! So glad to see you keeping up with this!
  6. CRS

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    I thought this looked familiar....then I saw it was Louisville, lol! Love that Science center building. Great arrangement of photos and love that background!
  7. CRS

    Save The Date June 26-30

    I've got it marked on my calendar and should have thousands of new photos to scrap!
  8. CRS

    Book Your Ticket

    Thanks for getting it stuck in my head, lol! I wonder if we'll go to Iceland or Greenland? Have we been there yet? I had a neighbor in MD that wanted to go to Iceland for her 10 yr anniversary but they couldn't get it planned in time.
  9. CRS


    Great photo! Love the grungy look and the messy stitches!
  10. TGIF! After the weekend is over, there is just one day left until vacation...we all need it!

    1. Boatlady


      Happy Vacation. Have a  blast!!!!

    2. MariJ


      That is so exciting to think of, I’ll bet you all are bursting with anticipation.

    3. Marie-Christine


      Have a great time! :)

  11. CRS

    Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

    I think those mail carriers know when we are waiting on something important and tease us! Glad they arrived!
  12. CRS

    Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

    Wow, I'm glad they arrived so quickly Ann!
  13. CRS

    Weekend Challenge June 2, 2018

    Here is mine: Surf's Up (2 word title, but it was 1 word art piece)
  14. CRS

    WW Challenge, June 2

    Lauren got a stand up paddle board for her birthday last month. The first time out, it wasn't inflated enough, so she couldn't stand on it. The second time, she took to it like a pro. Island Life Collection Biggie Anchors Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301
  15. CRS

    Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

    Wow, that was fast! Wish everything shipped that quickly, lol!