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  1. CRS

    Project Life 2020

    I finally finished August!
  2. CRS


    Busy month despite the pandemic! ABR_BYOL ABR_2016Everyday ABR_BasicCluster2 SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  3. This is a family favorite: Tri-Colored Pasta Salad
  4. CRS

    Pasta Salad

    This is a family favorite! The best part is you can mix and match ingredients to make it different each time! BMU_BonAppetit MPE_GourmetKitchen MPE_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCardsSet3
  5. This sounds fantastic! I love the cluster at the bottom!!
  6. CRS

    Year 2

    I had to laugh when I saw your layout in the newsletter...I graduated from Brockport, as did my dad, my husband and my nephew is a sophomore there now! Your photos make it look so much better than I remember! I love all the layers of photos and embellishments!
  7. You have to have a sense of humor right now...I'm glad your governor is strict, but still made us chuckle! Love the stitched border!
  8. Sounds great! I like the patterned paper and cute little fork with the bow!
  9. Every summer picnic or even just a hot summer day had to have my mom's potato salad. I'm pretty sure she got it off the Hellman's mayo jar, lol.
  10. CRS

    Potato Salad

    I think my mom got this recipe off the Hellman's mayo jar, but it's one she's made as long as I can remember on hot summer days. MPE Gourmet Kitchen Recipe Cards 3 CAP #2020 August
  11. CRS


    ABR 2016 Everyday ABR Basic Cluster ABR BYOL
  12. Thank you so much Angie!
  13. CRS

    Project Life 2020

    Finally got June done.
  14. CRS


    ABR_BYOL; SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe; ABR_2016Everyday
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