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  1. Yes, we'll wait until after the holidays to do another round. Maybe my crafting mojo will return by then. I think it's still in Maryland (and I moved from there over a year ago)!
  2. Glad they arrived safely!
  3. Here is my October Page
  4. Glad to get this done before November is over! Value Pack: Daily Life 12 x 12 ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301 Hand Lettered Days Word Art Mini Autumn Symphony Collection Biggie Autumn Symphony Embellishment Mini Clusters Cool Summer Treats - Collection Biggie
  5. Here is mine: Banana Bread and here is an oldie but goodie I posted in the past Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread I'll email this one in as well.
  6. Great way to use up yucky bananas, and freezes well, too! I can't remember where I found this recipe, but it's good. Angie Briggs SS Recipe Template Cook It (retired) November Club, Fall Snapshots Autumn Symphony Collection Biggie Autumn Symphony Embellishment Mini Clusters SS Tools Styles: ShadowMe
  7. Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  8. My dad was an avid ice fisherman when I was a kid. He would go out on the bays off Lake Ontario and catch hundreds of perch. Then he's clean them all and my mom would cook some and freeze the rest. I used to watch him clean them all. But I NEVER had any interest in sitting on ice, freezing my tail off! Ice fisherman are a special breed, lol!
  9. I was waiting for it to rain to take a picture...and we had a thunderstorm come through. Not much thunder or lightning yet, but it got really dark and poured! And, I need to get my gutters cleaned :0
  10. Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  11. I'm hoping Dagi's new templates will snap me out of this scrapping funk!

    1. Ngaire


      I hate scrapping funks!!:( I hope they work for you too Carla!!:)

    2. lorac


      I'm in another scrapping slump. Between my cousin Vince still in rehab and not doing too well, my little Pookie going over the Rainbow Bridge, and my knee surgery and subsequent pain, I've not been a happy camper. I've got plenty of scrapping ideas, but I just don't have the energy to do any pages. :(

      Hope your slump goes away and takes mine with it. Hmmm! I wonder if they could be headed to Hawaii.....

    3. A-M


      I am sure they will help as they are great templates... very versatile ones. 

  12. Ok, they are in the hands of the trusty P.O.!
  13. Welcome to Scrap Girls! I think I spend more time buying then scrapping, lol!
  14. I just came in from a very chilly walk and that image was just what I needed!