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  1. I'm in! Week 1 (11/30-12/6) Week 2 (12/7-12/13) Week 3 (12/14-12/20) Week 4 (12/21-12/27) Week 5 (12/28-1/3)
  2. What a great page! I know his graduation wasn't ideal, but it's still a major accomplishment! Lauren is still upset about her year being wiped out.
  3. I sent my card in. It's a newer (to me) recipe and an instant family favorite.
  4. Here is my Geometric Shapes LO: Desert Beauty Still way behind!
  5. Some cacti pics from the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona. Canyonlands by Aimee Harrison Fonts: Arcon, Black Jack Zootopia
  6. I'll join you for breakfast! All this dancing has worn me out. No wonder I'm falling behind. Too much exercise and fresh air!
  7. Here is mine: Broccoli Mushroom Casserole
  8. This is a family favorite, at least among adults. MPE_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCards_Series2 AFC_Fallen Font: Arcon
  9. Here is my ship/boat inspired LO. Jamestown Virginia
  10. Our trip to Jamestown, 2015 Anchors by Brandy Murry Old Lace by Aimee Harrison Fonts: Arcon, Loveya, Georgia
  11. Here is my travel inspired LO: Ashton Gardens Lego Exhibit
  12. CRS


    This is my travel inspired LO. The botanical gardens we visited in Utah had a Lego exhibit and it was amazing! Daily Life Template 12x12 by Susie Roberts Canyonlands by Aimee Harrison Next Level Edits by Jenifer Juris Fonts: Arcon, Melloner Happy
  13. I'll join you for breakfast! I'm not sure where to visit! Lauren *might* be headed to Italy in June. She wants to go with her school but Dad isn't too keen on the idea yet. I'll be curious to hear where everyone goes and what they see!
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