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  1. CRS

    Cookie Exchange - 2019

    Sent my card in!
  2. CRS

    November 2019 Recipe Swap

    This was a big hit yesterday! Instead of Snickers, I used Twix candy bars because someone in the family doesn't like peanuts. Candy Bar Cheesecake
  3. CRS

    Nov Recipe Swap

    ABR_SSCard_CookIt_RecipeCard1 MRE_Farmhouse_Style_Bonus_Brown EMA_IntoTheWoods EMA_IntoTheWoods Collection Super Mini MRE_Warmth_Paper_Folded SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  4. CRS

    October 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here is my card: Perfect Pizza Dough. I tried to use Syndee's cards on the Blog, but they just didn't have enough room for all the directions.
  5. CRS

    Perfect Pizza Dough

    You can also make breadsticks with this recipe or freeze half the dough to save for later! MPE_RecipeCard8 CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker JCO_PappasPizza SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  6. CRS

    October 2019 Recipe Swap

    I have a pizza dough recipe to scrap, but you can make rolls or breadsticks with it too. But it isn't gluten free...
  7. What a great photo! I like your little cluster and I'm so glad you had a great game!
  8. CRS

    September 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here is mine: Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole
  9. I made this for dinner tonight and everyone loved it, which is very uncommon for everyone to agree! ABR_HomeCook SNU_SSSToolsStyles_ShadowMe GWH_FamilyRecipe_Emb MPE_CookieExchange_2016
  10. How exciting! I'd love to pet a kangaroo! Your page is so pretty and I love the color combo!
  11. What a gorgeous photo! I love the background paper, too. So glad you told the back story to the Falls, such fun memories!
  12. CRS

    September 2019 SG Motivators Chart

    Oh, I love it!!!
  13. What a gorgeous layout! I love the purple! That watercolor effect is beautiful!
  14. CRS

    August 2019 Recipe Swap

    This is one of my family's favorites! Especially for the Super Bowl... Bacon Ranch Cheddar Cheese Ball
  15. CRS

    August Recipe Swap

    This is a huge hit, especially for the Super Bowl! GWH_FamilyRecipe_Nano GWH_SSPaper_FamilyRecipe SNU_SToolStyles_ShadowMe ABR_SSCard_CookIt