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  1. CRS

    Project Life August 2021

    What sweet photos! You are so good with keeping up with PL. I'm so far behind!
  2. Here is mine: Taco Dip
  3. CRS

    August Recipe Swap

    MPE_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCard17 EBA_Calypso GWH_Grandma's Kitchen Fonts: Arcon
  4. What a cool effect! I love how the photo blends with the paper!
  5. CRS

    Project Life 2021

    I'm way behind, but I'll get caught up. May 2021
  6. CRS


    I'm way behind! LLO_SSLayTemp_MightMosaics3 tmd_rememberwhen cschneider-dateit18 BMU_Everyday Fonts: Arcon, Grand Junction
  7. Here is mine: Buttery Horseradish Corn on the Cob
  8. CRS

    Recipe Swap July

    Yum! cap_poolparty mpe_GourmetKitchen_RecipeCard15 Fonts: Arcon, Alice
  9. Oh, how precious!! I absolutely love this!
  10. Bummer, those are almost the exact dates of our trip!!! Have a great time!
  11. Here is mine: Raw Veggie Salad
  12. CRS

    Raw Veggie Salad

    ABR_SSCard_CookIt_RecipeCard1 AHA_sweethydrangea ABR_HomeCook
  13. CRS

    Project Life 2021

    Here is my April.
  14. CRS

    April 2021

    LLO_SSLayTemp_MightyMosaics10 cschneider-dateit18 tmd_rememberwhen BMU_Everyday Fonts: Grand Junction, Arcon
  15. Here is mine: Deviled Strawberries
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