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  1. Here is mine: Super Easy 4 Ingredient Guacamole Lauren needed an avocado pit for her biology lab, so when she was home, we got one and made this guac with it and it was so good! Now I'm on a guacamole kick!
  2. This is so easy and yummy! tmd-aha-baked with love; snu-ssemb-tasty-v1; mpe-gourmet kitchen recipe card
  3. CRS

    Project Life 2021

    Here is my January page.
  4. CRS


    It was quite a month! LLO_SSLayTemp_MightyMosaic12; LLO_SSLayTemp_MightyMosaic4; TMI_RememberWhen; BMU_Everyday; BMU_SSEMB_Haberdashery2; CSchneider-Date It; Fonts: Grand Junction; Arcon
  5. How pretty!! I love the animated title!! The tree is gorgeous but does look bare without the people all around. Some day I'll go see the tree in person!
  6. How pretty! I love the blended snowmen in the background. I hope you can continue the tradition next year!
  7. Chicken Noodle Soup, my favorite go to soup!
  8. Good, old fashioned Chicken Soup! Sweather Weather by Tami Miller; Gourmet Kitchen Recipe Card by Marlene Peacock; Font: Arcon
  9. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the new recipes in 2021!
  10. I'm so glad they enjoyed it! It never lasts long in my house, either. Beautiful page and cluster!
  11. CRS

    Project Life 2021

    @A-M My first book was 2009 when dh was deployed. I just stuck with it ever since.
  12. Thanks Mikelle! We are all recovered except dh's smell and taste are still very faint. We had mild cases thank God. We think dh caught it at work.
  13. CRS

    Project Life 2021

    I'm in again this year. I also do the monthly double pages. I haven't decided what templates or collections I'll be using yet. But I stuck to Angie's BYOL template set and her 2016 Everyday Collection and it made things much easier this year. This will be my 13th year doing this....wow!
  14. Here is November. Not a lot of pics because we had covid, but I used what I had. November 2020
  15. CRS


    ABR_BYOL ABR_2016 Everyday
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