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  1. CRS

    Project Life 2020

    Finally got May scrapped.
  2. CRS


    May was a huge month for us! ABR_2016Everyday ABR_BasicCluster2 ABR_BYOL SNU_ShadowMe
  3. I love how this turned out! Your photos are so fun and tell the story of your night on the deck. That's a great photo mask for the group photo, too!
  4. CRS

    June 2020 Recipe Swap

    I'm a sucker for summer salads, and I love this one! Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
  5. CRS

    June Recipe Swap

    I love summer salads! ABR_SSCard_CookIt_RecipeCard2 LLO_Homebody SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  6. CRS

    May 2020 Recipe Swap

    I have a 2 pager again this month! No Bake Summer Berry Pretzel Salad Ingredients No Bake Summer Berry Pretzel Salad Directions
  7. CRS

    May Recipe Swap1

    My bff makes this and it's so refreshing on a hot summer's day.
  8. CRS

    May Recipe Swap 2

    My bff makes this and it's so refreshing on a hot summer day! ABR_SSCard_CookIt RecipeCard cap_2020May cap_2020April SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  9. My oldest graduated last night! We had a Commencement Parade through town that was amazing! And tomorrow, she turns 18! What a week!

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    2. Marsfriend



    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Congratulations to her! And that's so great that it was celebrated in such a fun way.

    4. LauraYB


      Congratulations, Carla! How fun to ride around in a parade and celebrate her achievement! Happy Birthday wishes to her as well! 

  10. CRS

    Project Life 2020

    Here are my April pages, I accidentally posted in the wrong thread. duh!
  11. Here are my April pages. I did them last week and forgot to post them!
  12. CRS


    Angie Briggs 2016 Everyday, Basic Clusters and BYOL Templates Syndee Nuckles SS Tools Styles Shadow Me
  13. We would love to do this! But we "settle" for Universal Studios, lol. What a gorgeous layout! I love the colors!!
  14. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for a fun week!
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