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  1. April 16th: Snow in Kentucky...really??? it was in the 80's on Friday and now snow on Monday. So much for living in the south!

    1. MariJ


      That’s crazy-wild!   My sister in IN has had sleet and blizzarding but nothing that sticks, but for sure, who would think KENTUCKY???    We had almost 80º on Friday & Saturday, then 40’s yesterday and I woke up to terrible winds and constant driving rain and 38º this morning, but I kept saying “At least it’s not snow”.    Geesh.......   

    2. CRS


      Still snowing, but nothing is sticking. At least they didn't cancel school!

    3. MariJ


      And, do you want to know even crazier?   It was raining constant driving rain this morning and afternoon; it thundered so hard the house shook, was dark and dreary and didn’t get to 40º.   Now at 3PM suddenly and out of the blue - and I mean BLUE because that’s what the sky mostly is - the sun has come out and it’s 55º.    Everything is running and pumping out water and I don’t know how long it will last, but...........

      At one point I thought maybe I should look for the dove and olive branch because surely Noah and his ark coiuldn’t be far away!