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  1. CRS

    August 2019 Recipe Swap

    This is one of my family's favorites! Especially for the Super Bowl... Bacon Ranch Cheddar Cheese Ball
  2. CRS

    August Recipe Swap

    This is a huge hit, especially for the Super Bowl! GWH_FamilyRecipe_Nano GWH_SSPaper_FamilyRecipe SNU_SToolStyles_ShadowMe ABR_SSCard_CookIt
  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and how you framed that amazing photo!! So wish I could have met up with you both.
  4. 1st day of school today, can't believe Lauren is a senior! Maybe I'll finally have time for some scrapping again...fingers crossed!

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    2. Mikelle


      Your school starts so EARLY!!!

    3. alsoarty


      What? Already?  Good times ahead! She’s awesome.


    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Here's to a great senior year! I hope both you and she savor it.

  5. CRS

    August 2019 Recipe Swap

    The first thing that popped into my mind was Super Bowl Party food. I can't even remember what we did! My bff has a bunch of great recipes for appetizers and parties, so I'll raid her stash of recipes!
  6. CRS

    July 2019 Recipe Swap

    Boy, am I rusty scrapping! Potato Salad
  7. CRS


    A family favorite from my childhood! ABR_SSPaper_CaptLife_Blends6 BHA_BrushSet_Botanicals MPE_RecipeCard5 BMU_Anchors_Blue CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker LLO_WaterMems_ColSprMini MPE_Picnic_Coll_Mini MST_BrushSet_Cooking2 SNU_SSToolsStyles_ShadowMe
  8. Yum! That dressing sounds really good. I love the clean look of your card, too.
  9. CRS

    Low Carb Rum and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

    What a fun, festive card! I love the embellishments! Your recipe sounds delicious. I've never tried to make my own ice cream before, I'll have to try!
  10. CRS

    July 2019 Recipe Swap S'Mores

    I love s'mores! My mom used to buy the chocolate covered graham crackers to use because we would sneak the chocolate and eat it before it was s'mores time! Love the torn edge and the frame around your card!
  11. CRS

    June 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here is mine, Mini Chicken Pot Pies, first time I've scrapped in a long time!
  12. CRS

    June Recipe Swap

    Dh and I love these! Syndee's Just Peach Collection and SS Tools Styles: Shadow Me Angie's Cook It Recipe Templates
  13. CRS

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    31st May Our final drink is Horchata. It is made from jicaro seeds ground with rice with spices such as ground cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla added. What has been your favourite drink?  What has been your favourite destination? You can get two bonus stamps for answering these questions.  No extra task for your layout today. Post your finished layout in the World Tour Gallery.
  14. CRS

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    30th May How can this be our final destination? I am sorry to see the tour end, how about you? Our destination is Guanajuato, Mexico. This city is full of narrow, winding streets including long sets of stairs and thoroughfares fully underground. It is also a very colourful city. You can explore the city or visit the Mummy Museum. You could even go to the Callejon del Beso (Alley of the Kiss), the balconies of this alley are so close lovers could share a kiss across it. Start a new layout using the image of Guanajuato as inspiration.
  15. CRS

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    29th May Today's drink offering is an Americano, sorry no milk. Did you see any cairns around the lake? I hope no one trespassed onto the lake yesterday.  Add a "rock" or two to your layout. When you are finished post your layout in the World Tour Gallery.