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  1. I found photos from the Newport Aquarium we went to in August. I'm using a template from Angie.
  2. I like how this turned out! The photos stacked like this is pretty, especially with the cluster at the bottom.
  3. Beautiful photo! I love the background and the scatter of hearts and beads!
  4. 6 photos? You're starting out with a bang, Debby, lol!
  5. I thought I liked this before you rotated it, but now I love it! The background colors are so pretty and your photo is adorable. I just love tulips!
  6. I love this photo!! Lyla is so cute and Neva is a good sport to her new little sis! The title is perfect!
  7. What a sweet photo! Love the way you highlighted the hug and your title is wonderful!
  8. Your yard must be gorgeous!! I love the soft colors and that cute butterfly!
  9. I'll let you know when they arrive, so excited to see them!
  10. Fantastic photos!! I love the little sunglasses embellishment, too!
  11. I love the tilted frame and those are the perfect embellishments!
  12. It's like that collection was made for your photos! I love the way your photos stand out.
  13. How did you spot the little guy? Wonderful photo and title! Beautiful use of Brandy's collection, too!
  14. Some times my favorite pics are not of the zoo or the focal point of the event, but of the flowers or natural wild life around! I can see why you like this photo, and you scrapped it wonderfully! I love the double stamp frame!
  15. This was the perfect challenge to scrap my windmill farm photo! Meadow Lake Wind Farm